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Look who’s coming to see “How to get inside your customers’ minds” – 19/9/12

August 30, 2012

Delighted to announce more details for the Bristol Business Network event on 19th September 2012 and look who’s among those who have booked so far…….

Clifton College

Evelyn Mae Interiors

Flair4 Recruitment

GWS Media Ltd

Appleton Fox Wealth Management Ltd

Avagio IT Services


CELB Ltd t/a Shred-it M4 Corridor

The Best Of Bristol Ltd

The HR Dept (Bristol) Ltd

Hilton Garden Inn Bristol

Inception Business Solutions

Mark Leveridge Magic

N3 Display Graphics Ltd

Open Network Associates Ltd

Peter Quintana & Associates

Phil Yarrow Consulting Ltd

Roger Moore & Associates

Steve Tasker Limited

Thames Down Recycling

Polyglot Coaching

Recognition Express

Red Recruitment Partnership Ltd

The Referral Institute UK

TP Telecommunications

The seminar before the lunch is being hosted by Inge Dowden – Business Coach –  POLYGLOT COACHING

Inge says “As business owners you need to know what your customers want, in order to be able to deliver that and more. You’re interested in selling, they’re interested in the benefits for them. What you say to them matters greatly, and when they’re just like you, it’s easy to build rapport. However, we all know that some customers are more difficult than others, but with a few simple different ways of communicating, you can dramatically increase your results and sell more”

In this seminar we will look at

* different personality types and what they want

* how to communicate with people who are different from you

* the killer sentence to say that will overcome ANY objection

* ways in which you can improve your marketing material so you get more results

And the good news: all of this can also be applied to staff members, family and friends, so you’ll be able to get the most out all of them.

For Full Details on this event

For Your invitation


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