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Preventing People Problems Promptly Professionally Purposefully……

September 18, 2012
‘But I hit Mr Lumba AFTER he sacked me’ maintains strip club manageress who claimed unfair dismissal, and won £25,000.

See the Preventing People Problems blog to read the eye-rolling tale and what business owners can take away from the case:

We know that sexual harassment still happens in the workplace, but is ‘just joking’ an excuse for inappropriate workplace behaviour?
Considering the amount of time spent together at work, it is no shock that colleagues develop close relationships with one another. We particularly encourage those relationships in smaller companies because a positive working environment can increase productivity. But how close is ‘too close’?

See the Preventing People Problems blog to find out:

Is tearing up certain aspects of employment law the answer to boosting growth? Put simply ‘no’.

Following on from plans being announced and later shelved for ‘no fault dismissals’ we may have to look at the subject with rose tinted glasses as we are certainly not supporters of the idea. Why?

See the Preventing People Problems Blog to see what we think of this year’s debated ‘no fault dismissals’ idea.
The HR Department are hosting the seminar before lunch in Exeter on 10/10/12
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