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Latest Top Tips from Q Social Media

September 25, 2012

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Top Tips:

1) Schedule Key Messages – one way to help save time each week is to use social media dashboard apps like Hootsuite to schedule key messages to social media plattforms in one go, whether to Twitter, Facebook and or LinkedIn. This way ensuring messsages are going out on a regular basis via your social media streams. We recommend not to automate every message as otherwise you’ll start to not check your platforms on a regular basis and drop off from engaging online, where your online followers may then notice.

2) Use Smartphones – each of the key social media platforms have their own app for smartphones and so does Hootsuite. These you can download from the relevant app store on your smartphone. Then send messages whilst on the go, complementing those that you have scheduled. This way you can use dead time, perhaps when on the train, bus, early for a meeting, in a queue etc, to check your social media streams and send messages. This we find works particularly well for Twitter where ideally you need to be sending more than one message every working day (or at least most working days).

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Online Retail

We have recently taken on running the online marketing side for an online retailer to raise their online, social media and Google presence. This involving covering the day to day management of the social media activities, which Marie Leverett our social media manager is working on. I’m particularly covering their Google presence using Ads (pay per click advertising), Merchant Center (listings on the Google shopping page) and Google Analytics to understand how the website and online marketing activities are performing. The latter allowing us to further develop online campaigns over time. Whilst between us we’ll be looking for opportunities where we can raise their online profile via other related websites.

More details on these services here: Social Media Management (Outsource) / Google Ads / Google Merchant Center Google Analytics

New Upcoming Google Overview Seminar 

Gain More Website Hits.  Learn how to harness the power of Google Apps: Adwords, Analytics, Merchant Center, Places & Webmaster. Be found more often within the Google search engine, Understand how your website and online marketing activities are performing, AND DRIVE BUSINESS GROWTH.

27th Sept – Torquay

5th Oct – Bournemouth

26th Oct – Exeter

More details here. To enquire or book on please reply back to

Interested in learning more on social media as well – save 50% of the second seminar cost when booking both seminars – Bournemouth and Exeter only

(Note: this offer is not applicable to the Google seminar in Torquay, where the promotions and bookings are instead handled by Unit Seven for this seminar, we’ll be running it on the day itself)


Social Media Training Events 
Bournemouth: Social Media Overview Seminar / Google Overview Seminar /
Bristol: Intro Hands On Classroom Workshops /
Exeter: Intro Hands On Classroom Workshops Advanced Hands on Classroom Workshops Social Media Overview Seminars / Google Overview Seminar /
Greenwich: Intro Hands On Classroom Workshops /
Training & Management Services (where applicable can be tailored to your business, industry and customer base)
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