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October 8, 2012

Thank you to Olly Dymond Business Network member in Bristol, Exeter and Taunton for this exciting update!

Here’s an update on the latest happenings at Shopping Sherlock. The next couple of stages in the growth of the company have taken place with the much anticipated launch of the Daily Deals section of the money saving windows/mac app and launch date of the mobile app.

The Daily Deals are a huge step in proving massive residual incomes to the affiliates and providing the complete ‘one stop’ money saving solution for customers on the internet. The Shopping Sherlock app brings together the best of internet search engines with daily deals from the all of the big names including Groupon, Living Social, KGB Deals, Lyncmeup etc., etc.  and best of all it’s FREE TO DOWNLOAD!!

To try the app for yourself simply go to and following the instructions after clicking on ‘Get the Free App’.

If you would like a greater understanding the Daily Deals technology and where the company is heading please watch the recorded video of the Worldwide Webinar, located half way down the same web page.

The Shopping Sherlock is a great way for small businesses to interact with their customers providing them with a real cost and time saving benefit for free, promote themselves on the internet and potentially create an additional residual income in the process.

For more details


Olly Dymond
Tel: 01823 681109
Mobile: 07970 758196

What is Shopping Sherlock?

Shopping Sherlock is an desktop app which sits on any of the 3 major search engine web pages  (Google, Bing & Yahoo) and what the app does is to compare the best prices for any products you are looking to purchase.

>> Download the app here its FREE

  • For example if you are looking to purchase an ipad – you should simply enter ‘ipad’ in your preferred search engine.
  • Then you would use the desktop app to compare the price by clicking a button.
  • Shopping Sherlock would then perform a search using the app to find all the related product websites, which would allow you to browse through them to find the best price.
  • By giving this app away for free to customers they would benefit by saving time and money on products they are looking to buy.
  • You as an affiliate would then get paid an affiliate commission for anyone who used the app and purchased an item from the compare feature of the desktop app.
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