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Golf and Pensions to the Ethnic Pay Gap – insights from EBRS

October 17, 2012

The monthly digest from EBRS

EBRS focus on helping you to make the most of how you reward your employees; offering tailored support to clients, including:

– Reward strategy

– Pay benchmarking

– Job evaluation

– Pay structure design

– Reward surveys

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The digest

How HR priorities change as organisations grow

We’ve summarised some useful CIPD research (focusing on reward) that looks at how HR support can help growing companies to sustain their performance through different stages of their growth. Perhaps you can recognise where your organisation is currently? Read more.

Ethnic pay gap widened

A research study has found that the ethnic pay gap has widened in Britain over the past two decades in favour of white workers. Details here

What do golf and pensions have in common?

Find out how they are linked by our number of the month… 39! Find out how.

Reward Stats

Pay review menu for 2013

National Minimum Wage

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