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New opening – memberships available – the presentation gym

October 17, 2012

Fantastic new service being offered by Business Network SW member Hugh Graham

To get fit, you don’t read a book, you need to exercise. It is exactly the same for your communication skills, whatever your current level of experience.
We are passionate about practice, feedback and really exercising your skills.  So that you can deliver creative, authentic presentations which tell stories and win audiences over.

presentationgym offers a virtual world of presentation skills that make training easy from the comfort of your own home or office. No need to juggle workday schedules or lose valuable business time.

Why call it “gym”?
To get fit you exercise – the same is true for your presentation and communication skills. Hone them with our easy focused workout programme.
What do we offer?

Strategic communication training over the web for individuals who want to seriously improve their presentation skills


  • Continuous improvement of your chosen form of presentation, speech or media
  • Measurable progress
  • Access to an expert coach
  • Build on your natural style
  • No impact on working day

To sign up to the programme click on this link 

The Bid Coach Ltd

Bid Coach in profile

The Bid Coach guarantees:

  • You will be a more confident & assured presenter
  • You will win more often
  • You gain long lasting & transferable skills

For more information or to talk through which programme is best for you contact Hugh on 01963 240555 or

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