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Broadband, dark stores, top e-commerce tips and your office in 5 years – courtesy of WNW design

October 19, 2012

Latest news from WNW Design 
Broadband is Key to Economic Development
Economic development in rural areas is being put at risk because of failures to provide adequate access to the internet, a business group has warned. The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) says up to a fifth of people in rural areas still do not have adequate broadband services.
Tesco Expands ‘Dark Stores’ Programme to Cash in on Online Shopping Boom
This week Tesco announced that it plans to cut back on new store openings in favour of internet-only capacity as shoppers turn backs on weekly trip to the supermarket. In response Tesco is cutting back on store openings to focus on its internet arm where sales are expected to double to more than £5bn over the next five years.
“Ten Top Tips for Successful Ecommerce”
Apple’s New Product Launch Overshadowed by Maps Fiasco
The new Maps app was introduced this week as part of iOS6 and ousts Google Maps as the iPhone’s default mapping software. The pile of complaints it generated threatened to overshadow the retail launch of the iPhone 5.
A quick search of the area surrounding the WNW Design office showed a range of businesses listed that had moved or ceased to exist, with much of the information three or more years out of date.
What Will Your Office Look Like in Five Years?
LinkedIn surveyed more than 7,000 global professionals about which tools and trends will disappear from offices in the next five years and which will become even more common. Nearly three quarters of those surveyed said they expected fax machines to disappear, making it the second most likely office technology to go extinct behind tape recorders.
What could you do without and what items on the list could you not do without?
Rupert Murdoch backs down in war with ‘parasite’ Google
Breaking News Story:  Read more here
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