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Mediocrity – exceptional – what’s your WOW?

October 19, 2012

Mediocrity to exceptional

Amazing what you can find in your own archives!

“The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out.” —Dee Hock (Visa)


We all know what our jobs entail – the time we need to start work, the 90 minutes of marketing we need to do every day (thank you Nigel Botterill!) the log on for the computer, the opening up and responding to email, how to answer the phone, put the proposal together, look after the CRM system, deal with our customers, look to find new customers, we even know how to make the tea, get lunch and repeat the process in the afternoon!


Because we know it we then do it! Some of us are lucky that we do it through choice, others have to do it to earn a wage – what can take it from the Know and Do is the BE.  How many of us love what we do so much that it shines through in everything that we do.  When you make the tea, answer the phone, speak to a customer, do your marketing are you doing it with your whole heart, doing it like you mean it, doing it like you care, being positive about it, knowing that what you are doing is making a real difference.  If you aren’t then your custromers, team, potential customers will suffer – they say that customers will leave a business if they feel that there is an attitude of indifference – as much as 68% – that’s more than if you increased your price!


This new dimension, the BE means that your customers, team will generate more positive energy, more commitment, more spirit, more ideas, more opportunities and the best bit – your customers, your potential customers may go away thinking WOW – that was brilliant!  If they do – fantastic – they will tell others, they will write about it! You, we all have the choice to go for the WOW, it might be  a big WOW, it could only be a little wow but if we do not give a WOW that person, that business whether potential, existing, new, established – even the competition will be feeling indifferent


And another thing if you do make a mistake, not get something 100% right they are more likely to forgive you as they know and have experienced your fantastic approach to looking after them – they know that you are positive and there to help them as much as you possibly can!

So why don’t you look to see how you WOW, what you could WOW, where you could WOW – the how you can WOW and the why will become apparent!

 “We have a ‘strategic  plan.’ It’s called doing things.”  — Herb Kelleher – SW Airlines

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