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Independence, retirement and HMRC pays informants courtesy of Old Mill

October 23, 2012

Why should adviser independence matter to Solicitors?

Current SRA requirements are that where clients are likely to need investment advice they must be referred to an independent intermediary.

Changes to definitions mean that there has been a consultation by the SRA to consider the current rules and whether they need amending… Read more

When will you be able to retire?

Where did you go on your summer holiday? Holidays can be seen as a snapshot of what life may be like when you retire – time spent abroad, visiting family or simply time for favoured hobbies or pastimes.

Whilst you may have a picture of what you will do in retirement, when do you envisage this will be? The answer is increasingly blurred and for many it may be later than anticipated…Read more

Your most important business asset

Cast your mind back to the day you decided to start your own business. You had a vision of using your expertise to become the master of your own destiny. You probably dreamt of a life in which your business owes you not just a short term living but also long term security extending all the way into retirement… Read more

Termination payments….

In a further, recent First-tier case the Tribunal considered the tax treatment of a businessman who was paid £123,750 on the termination of his employment… Read more

Selling or buying business property?

Owners of business property will be aware that certain parts of commercial buildings are treated as fixtures and fittings and capital allowances can be claimed… Read more

Informants get paid by HMRC

A recent Freedom of Information Disclosure has revealed that payments made by HMRC to informants are on the increase. £323,780 was paid out in the tax year 2011/12 compared with just £155,950 in the tax year 2007/08… Read more

Benefits in kind and partnerships

In a potentially wide ranging decision, a First-tier Tribunal has ruled in favour of HMRC:.. Read more

Softly, Softly : Taskforce

This was the name of a BBC police drama series in the 1970s and it was a spin off from Z-Cars – it may ring a bell with some of you. Well, there’s another version for 2012…….

HMRC have announced some new Taskforces to look for potential tax evasion.  One of those Taskforces will investigate Motor Traders in South West England… Read more

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