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Networking inspired by Dr Seuss – the story behind the video

November 2, 2012

Networking: Inspired by Dr Seuss

You get ideas from the funniest places.  The book on which this video is based “Green Eggs and Ham” is all about deciding what you don’t like before you have even tried it.  How often this applies to our everyday life – it could be a new food, a novel drink (some fruit teas!), a new TV programme, perhaps it’s a book, a film – whatever it maybe we make a decision to go for it or not to bother – there is I am sure a whole lot of psychology behind this as well as our values, our environment, the nature and nurture, our upbringing all playing a part.  The same applies in business as in life – but sometimes we have just got to go for it – what have we got to lose?  More vitally what could we gain by ytaking that next step – what opportunities will arise, what opportunities can we generate for ourselves and others by taking that step


That’s enough of that!  This video, as I said was inspired by the book, written on a beach in Cornwall, brought together in deepest Herefordshire and published today – your comments and feedback are most welcome.

We have already started the sequel!

Go to full screen for full effect!

Inspired by a recent post on Nigel Botterills’s  NBTV by Ali Carter and her daughter



Please watch & share – esp. for any non-networkers!



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