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“Whatever fortune brings don’t be afraid of doing things”

November 15, 2012
So said Herman Melville – author of Moby Dick – 1st published on 14/11/1851
And these businesses  did something at Hilton Garden Inn, Bristol on 14/11/12

GWS Media Ltd, A Suit That, Glassboat, Appleton Fox Wealth Management Ltd, Auditel, St John’s Chambers, The HR Dept (Bristol) Ltd, Business Sorted Ltd, Shred-it M4 Corridor, Co-operative Employee Benefits,  Shopping Sherlock, FRP Advisory,Shore Business Services, Avagio IT Services,  Polyglot Coaching,Hilton Garden Inn Bristol, Hudson Accountants, Mark Leveridge Magic, N3 Display Graphics Ltd,  Qtac Solutions Ltd, Phil Yarrow Consulting Ltd, The Jessie May Trust , Welcome Telecom Ltd, Recognition Express, Sales Outsourcing Specialists, Cognique, EBRS Ltd, Open Network Associates Ltd and Page Hargrave.

They created an event with such a great buzz, much conversation, opportunities being created and connections being made.
The seminar before lunch hosted by Allison Timmins – The Referral Institute – titled Building your word of mouth army explained the 8 sources of referral, the 10 commandments of networking, the process of planning your networking strategically – having referral sources, a contact sphere, power teams and referral partners.  We all have the people but do we have the process?  
A fabulous lunch was served during which  each decision maker gave a 3 minute presentation to explain to the others the benefits that they can offer; the type of business that they were looking for and also how other businesses can help them.
Thank you Anna Cussen  for a 10 minutes full of some amazing numbers and statistics – a moving Infographic!  The addition of a 10 question quiz with the prize of lunch for 4 with wine was a great incentive!  The winner was Inge Dowden of Polyglot Coaching!  Click here for more details
Preview for the next event is here – Remember it’s an event supporting The Jessie May Trust – raffle prizes most welcome –Christmas Cards and Christmas Puddings HERE
The quote that ended the event – from 2008 or 2012 – you decide!
P J O’Rourke’s (born 14/11/1947) quote “The good news is that according to the Obama administration, the rich will be paying for everything. The bad news is that you are the rich”


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