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Business in You – do you want to get involved?

December 10, 2012
Delighted to be able to bring you this….
Business Network SW’s Blog has been “carefully selected” as one of the most influential blogs, forums and online communities and has been asked to take part by encouraging their audiences to join this movement.”

About Business in You

Government, the StartUp Britain campaign and other partners are working together to support new business startups and growth.

Between us, we’ve got all the advice, inspiration and practical help you need to turn a dream into a working, profitable business

David Cameron at the launch of Business in You

How can you get involved? 
This is a great opportunity for you to play a part in achieving business growth and helping other companies through giving them a platform for their voice and business.    Abundance in action!

In order for this to happen, can you to do one or more of the following:

1. Share information about  ‘Business in You’ on your website and other channels such as Twitter

2. Share the ‘business in them’  – more abundance!

– “What business advice can you give to others?”
– “What good advice have you received before?”
– “Was there a key turning point for you and your business?”
– “What sort of advice would you give someone in a similar position?”
– “Where did you receive that advice and where would you recommend others to seek advice from?”
3. Encourage others to do the following, making it clear that their story might be selected as a published case study on the BIY website:
– Share their stories using this email address:
– Share their stories publicly on Facebook
– Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #businessinyou
– Share their stories on the BiY LinkedIn group

Business in You is officially open for submissions for two weeks beginning the 10th December until 20th December.

More information about this will go live on the website, Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and LinkedIn Group then.
They’ll be selecting some of these stories to be published on the BIY website in the New Year.
Thank you!
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