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Megan’s Big Trip Has Begun!

January 25, 2013

For those people that have been to recent Business Network SW events in Exeter and Bristol they would have met my daughter Megan who has been helping at the events. – in fact Megan has been tremendous – I am a very proud father!

When Megan left VIth form she was not sure what to do so along with working with me and getting work in a local restaurant she decided that travelling would be good.  Not any ordinary travelling – more travelling with a purpose.  Megan’s school has very good links with a school in Uganda (over 17 years!) at Kisiki and going to this school and teaching was going to be part of the trip.  Megan was not going alone – her friend Sophie is with her and will be working in the mother and baby unit there.

This trip that started as an idea and was developed by Megan and Sophie into a trip that takes them to Uganda, Dubai and Thailand!


This has been made possible because so many people have helped – I guess that this is my networking head saying this!

Megan’s school starting a connection with Kisiki College in Uganda and developing and nurturing the relationship over 17 years (VIth form trips to help build a school library for one!)

The fantastic people that Megan met at Business Network SW events – firstly a big THANK YOU for the help, advice and support – absolutely priceless!

For Thailand – Megan met Roger Moore – RGMA -at a lunch and during the conversation Roger said that he had a base in Thailand as his business was becoming established there as well as in the UK

More conversations that Megan had…

Fiona Hallworth – Clifton College – some top travelling tips that are worth their weight in gold – having a copy of all your travel documents – passport, tickets, reservations etc on a USB; beware the burrowing insects on Thai beaches and the use of gaffer tape to seal your bags!

David Minns – A Suit That – who having lived in Thailand for a number of years had much advice and has given Megan his mobile as an advice line when they arrive!

Chris Roys – The Jessie May Trust – who has worked in Uganda and was full of helpful advice

Plus all the other people who have added their support and knowledge! YOU CAN FOLLOW MEGAN’s TRIP HERE

What am I saying – the people you meet, have conversations with, listen to and connect with can give you confidence, knowledge and opportunity – the true value in networking!

Megan’s trip will undoubtedly be a huge success but thanks to the people Megan has met and developed relationships with, her trip will be amazing, fantastic and wonderful

That was the background – here’s the start!

The trip has been in the planning stage for many months and it has really happened – no amount of snow, flight delays was going to get in the way

The car on the day of departure!


On arrival at Heathrow Megan and Sophie – and I need to think about this – caught the earlier Emirates flight to Dubai as it had been delayed rather than wait for their original flight that was delayed.  As an aside – the Emirates luggage tags are fabulous!




Delighted to receive the first photo……thank to WhatsApp (what a fabulous way to stay in touch!)

Megan's first photo from Uganda - Lake Victoria at sunset - Jinja

Megan’s first photo from Uganda – Lake Victoria at sunset – Jinja


And Meg’s second photo – her first morning in Uganda….IMG_0313[1]


More updates will follow – or



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