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The event that Sean forgot!

February 8, 2013

In the haste of getting the post from February’s Exeter Business Network event out I forgot this

As has been said by the top class speaker who is coming to Exeter in March 2013 “Good is good enough” – anyway here it is…………………………..


Focused on mega-success in 2013?

You don’t want to miss this! – You can book here

If it’s so darn simple this business lark – why aren’t we all millionaires yet? 


  • Local business owners Sean Humby and Julia Bramble, fed up with
    hearing about how Devon businesses are supposedly ‘in the doldrums’ are pulling together a business event with a difference.


  • Full of practical ideas and advice, this event will really help you to fall in love with your business all over again & get excited by all the opportunities just waiting for you out there.


  • Julia and Sean have a top-class speaker lined up just for you – the acclaimed, seriously successful and multi-award-winning entrepreneur Nigel Botterill. He’s built 8 £million businesses in the space of 8 years, so what he doesn’t know about running a successful business isn’t worth knowing!

    How would it feel to have some of that success rub off on you? If you realise that doing the same things in the same way is ultimately not going to give you the results you want, than an injection of new ideas that are proven to work into the business centre of your cortex could be just what the doctor prescribed!

If you’re not one of the “things are just a bit tough and no-one is buying widgets anymore” brigade, then you need to be here, along with an arena-full of forward-thinking ambitious business owners. from all over Devon.

In this all-new talk, Nige will share his up-to-the minute easy wins that will have you rushing back to the office to implement them.

And even better – just for EC and BNSW members – the first 60 to register, with their friends, will be invited to an EXCLUSIVE Q&A session, meaning that you will get Nige’s thinking DIRECTLY into your own business!!


In case you’re curious, here’s what it’s really like at one of Nigel’s talks:  join the 12,521 people who have experienced this……


You can book here



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