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I’ll be there on Stand 102, Giving you the chance to……..

February 26, 2013

I’ll be there on Stand 102 

Giving you the chance to

Perhaps have a look

Or even book

You’ve got a chance to win

By handing your business card in

Membership for free

Because from an acorn grows a tree



Best of Bristol Exhibition next Tuesday 5th March – I’ll be there will you?


 The Best of Bristol Business Exhibition supporting The Jessie May Trust ‘making every day precious’.

Jessie May

Sponsored By…

Look who’s exhibiting… the number is their stand!

1st Class Car Valeting 20, CREMANASS 120, On Direct Business Services Ltd 127, 4 Networking 101, Defuse Your Pension Time Bomb 21, Open Network Associated Ltd 109, Advertising Gift Consultancy 24, Designate 43, Phil Yarrow Consulting 71, Agilebase 96/97, Destination Bristol 10, Picture of Health 35, Alison’s Websites 64, DF Sales 121, Probusiness Ltd 126, ALTODIGITAL NETWORKS LTD 66, Entrepreneurs Circle 37, Professional Hygiene 80,  Ashton Gate Stadium 34,  Essentiamail 77,  Radisson Blue Hotel 104/115,  Bailey Balloons & OKTOCAM 91,  File Centre 83,  Recognition Express 69/70,  Barclays Bank 85,  First Call Financials 94,  Red Recruitment 130/143,  Big Leap Marketing 92,  First One On 90/103,  Red Virtual Office 2,  Blue Moon Photography 139,  Focus 2000 Infrared Ltd 105/106,  Rewarding Customers 36,  Branching Out Europe Ltd 84,  Forever Contemporary 43,  Ridgemill Business Systems Ltd 9,  Brightpearl 135,  Front of Mind Coaching 60,  Sedgemoor Publicity 134,  Bristol 24-7 110,  FSB 87,  Shred-it 11/12,  Bristol Breakfast Networking Club 25,  Great Western Air Ambulance 65,  SOAP 4,  Bristol Business Post 01, -Jan Greenhat Design 8,  Soltech IT 59,  Bristol City Council 122/123,  GWS Media 141,  Spice Bristol/Cardiff 63,  Bristol Film & Media 107,  Hartsfield Financial 40,  Spider Group 118/119,  Bristol Pound 52,  Houghton Stone 6,  Spirit Photographic 89,  Bristol SEO Partnership 16,  Ionaida Soft Furnishings 86,  Sterling Integrity 68,  Brunel and Gordano Training 114,  Jessie May 13,  Steve Tasker 99,  Bubble Driving School 51,  Jordans Limited 53,  The Best of Bristol 67,  BUPA 116/129,  Kings Ransom 112,  The Big Sofa 26/27,  Business Network South West 102, 79,  The Bristol Hotel 136/137,  Business Sorted 67,  Lloyds TSB 133,  The Business Greenhouse 19,  Business West 124,  Love4Life 18,  The Castle School 128,  Cardstream 108,  Mailadoc 57/58,  The Payroll Department 100,  Chris Pugh Wealth Managment 74,  Manor Printing 23,  Three People 54,  City of Bristol College 113,  Maple Moose 17,  UHL 3,  Commercial Transfer Ltd 82,  Mobile Carkit Solutions 22,  Utility Warehouse Discount Club 88,  Constellation Media 125,  Morgans Ltd 78,  Vision On 140,  Container Team 93,  My Wedding Memories 139,  Website Sorted 67,  CreditSafe 14/15,  N3 Display Graphics 75/76,  Whisk 111, 

Seminar line up.

Key Note Speaker: NIGEL BOTTERILL one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs [click here to find out more] 

Tech Talks on Tour hosted by Spider Group [click here to find out more]

Technology challenges in education
10:30am – Spider Group – Bristol Tech Talks on Tour

  1. Technology to watch out for
  2. An overview and update of Bloodhound

12:30am – Nigel Botterill – The 18 Things that Super-Successful Business Owners Know & Do

Business Seminar 1: 10:30am – 12:00pm

Spider Group –

Bristol Tech Talks on Tour…

At SpiderGroup, we’re keen to teach local businesses about technology. We know you probably don’t have time to read several blogs on the matter, and we understand that technology isn’t always at the top of the list. However, what we like to demonstrate at our Tech Talks is that having the right technology can be crucial to your business.

What is Tech Talks Bristol?

The idea of Tech Talks is to connect people in Bristol through technology and business themed events, which educate and inspire.

Technology challenges in education

John Eastman PhD (Learning Science) –

John Eastman PhDLearn about how technology has revolutionised the way we now teach Chemistry at school and college level. John has worked in science education for 17 years. He studied Chemistry at Nottingham University and holds a master’s degree and PhD in Colloid and Surface Science from Bristol University. John is recognised as a leading innovator in learning technology and is an experienced designer and project leader. He is the principal architect of Dynamic Lab Manuals and is responsible for major contracts.

Technology to watch out for

James Cook (SpiderGroup) –

James Cook - Spider Group James has been involved in technology for over 14 years and is the founder of SpiderGroup, he gives a talk on his views of key technology trends. He set up SpiderGroup after finishing a Chemistry degree at Bristol University and their original mission statement was “to help businesses to get the most out of technology” and they remain true to this motto today. In particular James will be addressing the questions around emerging technologies and trends to watch out for over the coming 12 -18 months and asking what impact they will have on our business and home lives.

An overview and update of Bloodhound

Tony Parraman (Bloodhound SSC) –

Tony Parraman - Blood Hound ProjectTony has had a varied career from being in the RAF to working in a Hardware shop. He has gone from being a design engineer to being a teacher, he now works on the BLOODHOUND project. Tony will be giving us an update on the story so far, along with insight into the key developments in the coming months. As Tony writes on the Bloodhound website: “This project is a once in a life time opportunity to be involved in something that will always be part of British engineering heritage.”

Who should attend: Small and medium business owners, sole traders, freelancers, managers, and all those with an interest in technology or business.


How you can support Jessie May Trust

Jessie May provides at-home nursing care for terminally ill children in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. By visiting these children and their families within their home, Jessie May Nurses make it possible for children with debilitating and life-limiting conditions to live at home.

In addition to at-home care, Jessie May provides: bereavement support, end-of-life care and offers parents practical advice on caring for children with complex medical needs. Jessie May Nurses not only improve a child’s quality of life, they also support the whole family, including parents and siblings.  Without Jessie May, many families would be housebound, isolated and struggle to cope with the medical demands of caring for a terminally ill child. Jessie May – making family life possible”

Jessie May will have a Donation Station on their stand and they have asked that people donate old Jewellery, mobile phones and any resalable toys and gifts. Please can you search your home and office and bring along what you can to stand 13.

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