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Uganda to the Burj – one proud Dad!

March 15, 2013

The latest update from Megan on her fabulous trip – Megan has updated her Blog as she is reconnected!  This has photo’s!

What I am sharing is some of what she writes in her emails to us – I will copy and paste and you will see from the way it is written that Meg cannot type quick enough!  So much seen and so much to tell.


What is interesting is some of the social comment – in Megan’s last post from Kisiki she talked about the way in which Ugandan life has had a big impact and how the experiences she and Sophie have had have made them realise “the structure and order” in English life.

The latest email update received today – 15/3/13 at 7.56am (it’s 11am in Dubai)

“I am currently sat in the hotel business suite, on fridays here it’s like a sunday so nothing starts until 2pm. So far this morning we had a lie in till 8:30am (woah) and been swimming on the roof! We plan to go out and do more sightseeing in downtown and jurmeirah then go on a dinner cruise on the marina!

Leaving Uganda was so difficult. It was horrible saying goodbye to everyone. We had a meal with the staff on tuesday night and the head teacher presented us with some gifts. It was a really good evening. Went to an African Burial on monday! That was very interesting, a teacher’s mother passed away on the weekend and in Africa everyone goes to the burial, so anyone who knew or knows someone who knew turns up. It was a really beautiful thing to see.
We also visited the link school with kisiki Iwaniro, it’s a primary school deep in the village with only 10 teachers and 650 students. This time last year they had only 4 teachers and 400 students so the link is paying off! They had two albino children there, it was very bizzare. We were the first whites they had seen so they stared a lot but nothing new.
Annet escorted us to the airport on wednesday morning, it was horrible saying goodbye to her. Good job she’s coming to the uk in june! We originally thought our phones would not work here in dubai but they do it’s just really expensive and we can’t top up. Though annet has been topping our credit up from uganda just so she can call us (it now costs to be called) bless her! We owe her big time!
Yesterday was amazing, could not have gone better, had an amazing sleep, our bed is HUGE we have a duvet, bath, powershower, carpets, curtains that don’t let the light in, soft pillows and aircon! It is heaven. We met up with Jes! (Jane’s bridesmaid’s cousin) He was fantastic! So helpful it was really nice to talk to an english person! And he showed us his cat so i got a pet cuddle! He told us of lots of things to do to save money and what we really should do. I do feel a bit sorry for him because we basically talked at him for a good hour about uganda! We did apologise and explain that he’s the first english person we’ve met in 7 weeks he understood and just laughed! Going to send him a thank you email and postcard from thailand (can i have his address?they don’t have postboxes here so his work one will be fine)
Yesterday we did lots of sightseeing in jurmeirah and downtown dubai, we visited the dubai mall it is massive, going to go shopping with our left over cash on saturday evening! We also sat in a bar in the marriot by the palm and looked over it drinking cocktails (i had tequila sunrise) and eating nachos! We saw the fountain display which was stunning really made it feel real that we are here!
We also got to the top of the Burj Khalifa for free, Jes told us about the bar just one floor below the viewing point, he suggested that we should book but we thought we’d wing it and see if they had space.
Meg’s photo of the Burj – Worlds’ longest building?!
we ended up following a couple through the private entrance and getting a table and sitting in the at.mosphere armarni bar for as long as we liked! Really don’t think we were meant to but if you don’t ask you don’t get! We really have learnt that while travelling!”

Feel free to follow Meg’s blog here


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