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Hello Thailand, wave goodbye to Dubai

March 25, 2013
The latest installment from Megan’s great adventure!
Megan emailed when she reached Surin after flying from Dubai to Bangkok – 
From an email that Megan has sent….
“Right now I’m sat in the hotel that roger so kindly picked for us! Sophie is still at Surin hospital and i finished teaching at around 12:30. Roger Za and i all had lunch with the head teacher! It was amazing the food here it is out of this world!!”
On Friday in Dubai (after i emailed you all!) we attempted to visit the jurmeirah mosque however saw two lots of pillars and picked the wrong ones, our map reading were not up to scratch ended up walking to the Emirates towers instead! We were going to then visit the burj al Arab but at metro station there were no taxis because it was prayer time so we took a photo from a distance.
That evening we were meant to go on a dinner cruise however they were all booked up so instead we had huge dinner on the marina, we ordered so much we got complimentary ice cream!
On Saturday we went and did bur dubai and deira which is old dubai we bartered for gifts and got lots of souvenirs, we also did a spot of shopping in the dubai mall and then ended with a dinner cruise on the marina! The dinner cruise was amazing such beautiful view and the food was very good!  It was a buffet so i tried a bit of everything, my favourite was the lemon fish it was stunning! On the cruise there was a belly dancer she was great! Got everyone on the boat dancing… After all this food I’ve definitely got enough belly!
Flying to Thailand was fine.. Watched 3 movies on the plane! The hotel in Bangkok was pretty expensive thank goodness we’d booked and paid in advance!
I have a Thai sim not sure how good it is so far i can only recieve texts from dad and people in Thailand… Phone calls seem expensive too. Trying to get that sorted before we leave Roger and Za.
Roger and Za have been amazing! They have looked after us so well! It is the Thai children’s school holiday and za’s parents had organised the students to come in just for me! I’ve already been asked back for good!!
Sophie has an amazing placement in the hospital
she’s been doing a bit of everything in the maternity section! The Thai people are so lovely and happy!
Za even did our washing for us! She calls us her daughters, so we have another mother!
On Sunday we are going to get a train to Chang Mai in the north of Thailand and work our way down!
The latest Blog update – with elephants here………………………
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