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Some top networking articles – enhance your skills

April 4, 2013

Some fabulous articles from all business sectors – all have insight, tips and advice that will enhance any networking that you do.

I found these from a variety of sources – Google alerts, LinkedIn Today to name but 2!

Feel free to share!


Screw Link Building, It’s Called Relationship Building!

, April 2, 2013

Do you get queasy at the thought of the term “link building”? Well, maybe you’re thinking about link building the wrong way.

Try thinking about link building as a way to build value and loyalty with people in your vertical. Not only will it be a longer-term effort that just spamming people for links, but the effect will be longer lasting and way more authentic.

That was the overarching message from the Screw Link Building, It’s Called Relationship Building session last week at SES New York.

Speakers Erin Everhart (@erinever), director of web marketing, 352 Media Group, and Jo Turnbull (@SEOJoBlogs), founder, SEO Jo Blogs, explained how to build a relationship versus a link and broke down case studies to illustrate why relationship building is far more effective than the old ways of link building.

Why Build a Relationship Instead of a Link?……




Networking Tips To Live By

By , Published March 29, 2013

Time and time again the advice doled out to myself and the audience is that networking is a powerful tool. It can be a catalyst to your next role, help you learn about the organization you’re working in, and maybe help you decide where you want to take your next step. It can also be a life raft floating you to employment if you ever find yourself without a job.

Now I’m not saying because I enjoy networking I’m a pro, every one has lessons they’ve yet to learn, but after some personal trial and error, as well as watching others crash and burn. I’ve curated a few networking tips worth sharing.

Here are a few networking tips to live by



Building Business Relationships with Appreciation

From Doug Kasper’s blog

Building business relationships can be much easier than most people realize. See the nicest email I’ve received and how you to can grow your relationships.



Ten tips for successful business networking

By LAURA KATZupdated Sunday, March 17, 2013 – 6:43pm

Do you enjoy networking? Many business people dread it. They stand around uncomfortably at events, clutching a drink or hovering near the appetizers, only speaking to people they know.

Is this you? How can you make a better use of networking at events when you are uncomfortable doing so?

Ten top tips here

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