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Hot off the Press – The latest from 20th Anniversary of Exeter Business Network – are you involved?

April 25, 2013

An update on the forthcoming event in Exeter – Business Network SW celebrating 20 years of networking in Exeter – and what a celebration it will be your chance to celebrate and when I looked up the word “celebrate” from an etymological perspective – what did I find – thank you to Online Etymology Dictionary

celebrate (v.) mid-15c., originally of the Mass, from Latin celebratus “much-frequented; kept solemn; famous,” past participle of celebrare “assemble to honor,” also “to publish; sing praises of; practice often,” originally “to frequent in great numbers,” from celeber “frequented, populous, crowded;” with transferred senses of “well-attended; famous; often-repeated.” Related:Celebrated; celebrating.

That’s what the Exeter Business Network event on 8/5/13 will do for you and your business – give you the opportunities that will enhance the relationships, connections and collaborations that make businesses successful – see HOT OFF THE PRESS BELOW!

The event at Sandy Park (home of Exeter Chiefs)  starts with a fabulous seminar

Convince & Convert: 6 Steps To A Solid Content Marketing Plan  – hosted by Stephen Bateman

Followed by THE Networking lunch with guest speakers – Keryn Seal and Robyn Williams

Robin Williams GB Paralympian and Keryn Seal GB Paralympian - Listen to Win - with Sean Humby

Robin Williams GB Paralympian and Keryn Seal GB Paralympian – Listen to Win – with Phil Roberts of St Loye’s Foundation

Then the seminar after lunch – The Importance of Business Goal Setting – hosted by Andrew Price – Andrew Price and Co.

For full details and your chance to be amongst some of those booked to date……this was on 25/4/13!

Alicia Coles, Derek Brunt Lee Cottrell, Keryn Seal, Robin Williams, Nicky Dunn, Alex Wren, Michelle Johnson, Andrew Price,  Sally Mitchell, Jane MacNamara, Guy Arnold, Caroline Creer, Stuart Devlin, Gordon Mitchell, John Hind, Stephen Bateman, Michael Green, Dawn Mayo, Harriet Weeks, Michelle Thomas, Glen King, Alison Jobson, Hugh Graham, Maggie Garrett, Caroline Burkie, Rachel Buckley, Fiona Helsing, Mark Leveridge, Rebecca Dorrington, Barry Martin, Stuart Coombe, Chris Wood, Danny Frayne, Nick Dudman, Neil Starr, Bev Gratton, Mary Jane Campbell, Brian Lee, Tim Wadsworth, Catherine Smith, Michelle Powell, William Hammond, Rick Credland-Proctor,


WNW Design, Somerset County Cricket Club Ltd, Andrew Price & Co Limited, St James’s Place Wealth Management, Compass Resolution,  Concentric Dots – (Part of iGlimpse Limited), Ashfords LLP, The Bid Coach, WESC Foundation, Space, Simpkins Edwards, e-strategy, Devon Air Ambulance Trust, Bitpod Ltd, Mark Leveridge Magic, Old Mill Accountancy LLP, Bovey Castle, Q Social Media Ltd, Quickprint Ltd, Rundle Walker, Sandy Park Conference & Banqueting Centre, Creme de la Creme Fun Casino, Crooked Stick Ltd, Straight Marketing Limited, Business Doctors, Endorse HR, Evolution ABS Limited, Exeter Golf & Country Club, Straight Marketing Limited, WNW Design, Exeter Racecourse & Conference Centre, Glen King PR/Marketing Ltd, Hartnell Chanot & Partners, Ingenious PA, Juiceplus, Kirkham Board, Listen to Win, Mango Personnel Ltd,

HOT OFF THE PRESS – Guest list updated today 3/5/13

From these businesses………………………..

Quickprint Ltd, Realistic Home Improvements Ltd, Devon Air Ambulance Trust, Cobalt Communications, e-strategy, Linked4Success,, Andrew Price & Co Limited, Bovey Castle, Evolution, Martin Luck Group, Business Network Founders, Dartington, Q Social Media Ltd, Bitpod Ltd, FRP Advisory, David R Cotterill, Endorse HR, Casino Select, Ashfords LLP, Business Doctors, Knox HR Ltd, Computech IT Services, Florian Zumfelde Design Studio, Enterprise Assist Limited, Crooked Stick Ltd, Mark Leveridge Magic, The Bid Coach, WESC Foundation, Compass Resolution, Families for Children Trust, Plymouth Estates, Gilbert Stephens Solicitors, Concentric Dots – (Part of iGlimpse Limited), Glen King PR/Marketing Ltd, Simpkins Edwards, Listen to Win, Creme de la Creme Fun Casino, Old Mill Accountancy LLP, BreathingNLP, Daneswood Solutions Ltd, Evolution ABS Limited, Hartnell Chanot & Partners, Straight Marketing Limited, Exeter Golf & Country Club, St James’s Place Wealth Management, If… Media Ltd, Somerset County Cricket Club Ltd, Heatherbell Art, Tender Victory, Exeter Mind & Body Clinic, SEO736, Global Radio, Rundle Walker, Winning Tenders Ltd, WPA Healthcare, Exeter Racecourse & Conference Centre, Mango Personnel Ltd, RSH Copywriting, Ingenious PA, Sandy Park Conference & Banqueting Centre, Juiceplus, Road User Support Service, WNW Design, Kirkham Board, Space,

Represented by……………………

Alicia Coles, Mark Wren, Sally Mitchell, Andrew Price, Michelle Johnson, Alex Wren, Gordon Mitchell, Megan Humby, David Hindon,                Jane Humby, Alison Jobson, Robert Guest,  Vicki Stewart, Hugh Graham, Maggie Garrett, Sean Humby, Jackie Enright, Ian Dunstan, John Hind,  Danielle Thompson, Stephen Bateman, Jane MacNamara, Guy Arnold, Clare Owen, Karen Jonas, David R Cotterill, Caroline Creer, Stuart Devlin, Michael Green, Richard Carpenter, Dudley Hambleton, Dawn Mayo, Harriet Weeks, Cathy Towers, Michelle Thomas, Ally Colton, Carla Zumfelde, Sam Talby, Jim Enright, Mandy Blackler, Jim Taylor, Barry Martin, Michael Mann, Ashley Scott, Alistair Heron, Glen King, Tim Stanford, Emma Law, Neil Starr, Bev Gratton, Mark Evans – Martin, Mary Jane Campbell, Brian Lee,Tim Wadsworth Jill Webster, Ed Dolman, Catherine Smith, Rachel Buckley, Heatherbell Barlow, Sharon Goble, Michelle Powell, Derek Brunt, Lee Cottrell, Kim Knox, Sarah Hughes, Keryn Seal, Robin Williams, Nicky Dunn, Chris Wood, Danny Frayne, Ryan Barrett, Rosemary Pell, Richard Hussey, Nick Dudman, Fiona Helsing, Mark Leveridge, Adam Nicholas,  Rebecca Dorrington, Stuart Coombe, Stuart Grant, William Hammond, Rick Credland-Proctor, Caroline Burkie, Ian Smith, Nigel Wilkinson,

Where do I get my invitation?

call 01981 540708

email – with “yes book me in” or “yes send me invite” or

complete enquiry form here

Why should you attend?

At each event you will have the opportunity to meet numerous other senior decision makers from locally based businesses in a relaxed and focused environment. It is a proven way and sustainable way of continuing to develop opportunities.

  • You will generate opportunities that will enhance your business
  • You will build mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers
  • The networking is relaxed and comfortable
  • You will the opportunity to promote your business and expertise
  • You will build a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business
  • You will generate an ROI on your networking

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