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“A good decision is based on knowledge, not numbers” – Plato – more networking knowledge here!

April 26, 2013

More articles, posts and links that I trust that you will useful to any networking that you may do or be looking to do

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Sean Humby - Blog co-ordinator! Also host for Business Network SW events

Sean Humby – Blog co-ordinator!
Also host for Business Network SW events

BY:  in Fast Company – April 16, 2013 | 6:02 AM
If reading the phrase “networking event” sends a chill down your spine, you may find a kindred soul in Billfold writer Sarah Todd:

Conferences are like what Charles Darwin would invent for a high school project on survival of the ambitious, and his group members would be Becky SharpAttila the Hun, and a honey badger.

While Todd is talking about the marathon craziness of conferences, that same Attila-like ambience can be detected in any networking event–those happenings where buckets of striving people are plopped into a room and told to meet each other. While we do know that being a superconnector–someone at the center of many a network–avails you to exciting new ideas (and diseases!) and that email introductions are a skill to be mastered, the whole introducing yourself in real life thing can still get a little clumsy.

Todd offers some pointers on becoming more graceful:


Best practice tips for conference networking  – article first appeared in

Wed, 10 April 2013

Make the most of the valuable networking opportunities presented at events….FULL ARTICLE HERE

10 tips to network with confidence


Special to The Globe and Mail- Canada

Published Wednesday, Apr. 10 2013, 6:56 PM EDT

There’s nothing innate about confidence. It’s something we develop – usually via endeavour. That’s a key message from my book on confidence, called What’s Stopping You Being More Confident? But confidence requires us to discriminate. Confidence in what, exactly? After all, confidence in all things is impossible. I’d wager Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney is under-confident when acting on stage, while actor Keanu Reeves would feel distinctly nervous conducting monetary policy.

Of course, their excellence in one field can help elsewhere – perhaps giving them a confident demeanour when entering unfamiliar territory. But there’s no guarantee. When pulled out of our comfort zone, we all tend to exhibit signs of poor confidence.

And there’s nowhere less comforting than a networking event – those crucial get-togethers in any sector that can determine the success of our careers.

As someone with a history of under-confidence I hate such events. Or at least did. Eventually, I researched the problem and came up with 10 tips for overcoming under-confidence at networking events. Here they are:

I enjoyed the following article as it was not only relevant to landing a dream job but it also relates to the all important aspect of Brand You – Tom Peter’s fabulous approach.

Land the Job of Your Dreams Using These Social Media Networking Tips

Posted on Fri, Apr 12, 2013 @ 10:00 AM on Creatine Marketing Blog

Please sit back and enjoy these nine tips that are sure to get your profiles the right kind of attention. (Feel free to take notes!)


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