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Why technology will always lose out to real-life face-to-face communication.

May 3, 2013

Why technology will always lose out to real-life face-to-face communication.

It can be easy to become reliant on a phone, an e-mail, the internet and the fact that you can easily check someone’s linked in profile within minutes nowadays. We are constantly connected through the ever-expanding medium of technology; something that we mustn’t ever lose touch with however is how valuable face to face communication is. This info-graphic shows the importance of face-to face meetings and why these are so important; addressing points such as communication, human contact, reactions and humour.

Although it may seem like I have vendetta against technology, this is not the case at all. As with any positive though, there are always going to be negatives! Although writing is a powerful tool, we cannot convey emotion as easily through a text, e-mail or even letter.

By lacking in tonality we then fall into the dangerous realm of misunderstandings. This can happen with friends or/and family when something isn’t perceived as it was originally intended leading to miscommunication and into an entirely different conversation straying away from the original point. Although this is bad enough; your friends and family will more than likely be forgiving in time.

However, in a business situation, this is nothing less than a catastrophe. Communication can be a key part of a relationship development and although you’re not always going to be able to meet face-to-face; if you don’t ever meet then you need to analyse your business plan.

The increasing use of technology as a communication tool can be beneficial to you, connecting to people that you wouldn’t have usually been able to bond with without the online world. This is beneficial as we now have access to contacts that we may not have had before the internet but the only way to get it truly with industry insiders and people who could prove to be an integral part of your business is to attend networking events!

I’m a great believer in everything in moderation, and when you can hold a full conversation without having to check your phone; whether business or not then you have to analyse whether or not you are developing an addiction to the technology you hold so dear. You are not doing yourself any favours as the more engrossed you become in the online world; the more your social skills are going to suffer. Social skills are one, if not your most important commodities.

These are what you need when it comes to crunch time whether that is signing a contract, introducing international clients or even meeting with prospective clients. Your social ability needs to be on top form in these situations as you may already be anxious, whether a seasoned communication expert or not! By becoming so involved with technology you may be at risk of repressing your sociability! It can become too easy to get involved in the online world.

You can’t develop a relationship online as well as you can face to face. I’ve seen it thousands of times, even on Dragons Den, where money is invested into a person with great social skills, likeability and the ability to network. I’m sure many people can fear networking events, but this should not be the case. These are an exceptional opportunity to meet potential business partners and people who will either invest in you or at least show an active interest within you, and therefore your business.

Networking is your chance to make a positive impression. By taking time to speak to as many people as possible you can connect and leave them with a lasting impression; this is the time for your personality to shine through. There’s nothing wrong with handing over a business card to any prospective new contact, in fact this should be actively encouraged. These can prove to be subtle reminders that will help you arrange to meet again. Not only does a card show that you wish to do business together in the future but it also means that you are not becoming reliant on technology but rather using it to compliment your people skills and business persona.

Overall; it’s important to remember that we are living in the technology-age and if you value your business then you must be aware of how technology can provide an integral part to the development of your company. Use it as a communication device to compliment your physical being. The role of presence should never be undervalued, and it means you are always guaranteed a response.

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Matt Jones
Content & Online PR Executive

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