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Suits, The Week and questions for Richard Branson all from Bristol Business Networks May event!

May 16, 2013
At the Bristol Business Network event on 15/5/13 the quotes of the day came from The Week – their Wit and Wisdom column having this great (networking) quote from Ronald Reagan
“There is no limit to what a man can accomplish if he doesn’t mind who takes the credit! “**
Thank you to David Minns, Chris Gordon, Daniel Collings, Anna Cussen, Andy Barton, Mark Leveridge, Nick Morgan, Nigel Peeck, Ian Cadwallader, Roy Adair, Jason Monks, Martin Boulton, Natalie Fee, Peter Prater, Matt Richardson, Taiwo Orishayomi, Nim Saluja, Oliver Dymond, Mike Woodliffe, Chris Roys, Duncan Laker, Lynda Farmer, Jeremy Comley, Sam Finlay, Michael Evans, Sean Humby, Megan Humby, Fiona Hallworth, Simon Norton, Debbie Rylands, Sam Neffendorf, Sam Talby, Richard Graves, for your participation at the Bristol Business Network yesterday and creating an event with loads of energy, much conversation, opportunities being created and connections being made.
The buzz of conversation could be heard throughout the hotel which is tribute to the energy that people brought to the event.
The event began with a seminar entitled “The A-Z of networking” hosted by me – Sean Humby.  Those in attendance were the first to hear this new seminar!  The journey began between the ears!  Networking like any activity begins in the mind – by having the right mind set, adopting an abundance mentality you can achieve anything and help other do the same.
One activity that got people thinking about the importance of conversation was the questions that are asked – rather that “What is it that you do?” – a bog standard one – the group were asked what question would they ask Richard Branson if they were at a networking event- the following were the responses and the best thing about them – they could be asked to anyone and the conversation that would arise would be great – here they are……
  • What will you be doing in 10 years?
  • How would you solve the plastic in the ocean crisis – and why haven’t you done it yet?
  • What are you thinking about now?
  • If you were to lose everything today what would you do?
  • When are you going to retire?
  • Who is the person who has most inspired you?
  • What’s next for Virgin Healthcare?
  • What drives you? (And when can I get to Necker Island!)
  • Would you invest in Bristol Rovers (if not why not?!)
  • Who is the best entrepreneur?
I must thank Bob Burg for being a catalyst in this – Bob’s 10 Feel Good Questions are great for starting a conversation (obviously not all at once or interrogatively!)
The seminar continued through the alphabet – D for dale Carnegie, H for helping others, I for in person and the power of face to face, L for Lifetime value, S for storytelling, Z for your zip, zoom and zest that prevents people zzzzzzing!”
THE networking lunch that followed with networking over drinks, a sit down served 2 course lunch, a table host on each to conduct proceedings, conversations leading to connections and collaborations. The table I was sat at had Richard Graves of GWS Media as table host and along with the individual presentations there were the 30 second presentations on other businesses at the table – great for your listening skills!  Delegate details and where they were sat were provided to enable people to connect with the other businesses in the room – A Suit That Fits, Auditel, Hilton Garden Inn Bristol, Jelf Lampier, Mark Leveridge Magic, AugMentor, Space, The Jessie May Trust, Welcome Telecom Ltd, GWS Media Ltd, Morgan Business Services, Avagio IT Services, Rent2Rent, Open Network Associates Ltd, Saluja Insolvency Solutions, BizVidz, Origen Workplace Solutions, Phil Yarrow Consulting Ltd, BPI OnDemand Ltd, Clifton College, Cofely, Follett Stock LLP, FRP Advisory, Plastic Buddha Productions, Freedom Here and Now, Shopping Sherlock, N3 Display Graphics Ltd, Qtac Solutions Ltd, Nexus Open Systems,  Recognition Express.
What did I learn from those that I sat with
Matt Richardson – Recognition Express  – fun, innovative ways of promoting your business & a new catalogue is out!
David Minns – A Suit That Fits – the business was started by Warren Bennett on a gap year to Kathmandu – and Suits for Success – see below
Roy Adair – Open Network Associates – has new tool that can weld fibre cabling together increasing the integrity and getting the best test results – do you get your new cabling tested with a written report?
Jason Monks – Origen Workplace Solutions – the auto enrolment of pensions is coming soon and it will take longer that you think to implement so don’t get caught out!
Sam Neffendorf – Freedom Here and Now – a Human Potential Engineer who read the following testimonial “I run my own business and a large part of my job is making sales calls, something I previously dreaded. I was sceptical about the effectiveness of EFT, but after Sam`s workshop I noticed an incredible shift.  Any anxiety I had about the calls just melted away and this made a huge impact on my performance. Conversations seemed easier, people were more cooperative and I was able to schedule 3 appointments in the first week, compared to my average of 1 or less.”
Chris Gordon – Auditel – Forensic analysis of the cost in your business – uncovering hidden ones and recovering over paid ones!  Do you pay based on 2 decimal points or 4?
Jeremy Comley – Avagio IT – Doing the best at what matter the most – and just launched FREE onsite monitoring
Richard Graves – GWS Media – as well as having a new website they work for some very diverse clients – The Manufacturing Advisory Service and British Mensa!   They are also specialists in the application of apps that help capture the interest of your target markets. Their twelve years’ track record producing highly effective Web sites, marketing material and campaigns that are integrated into a client’s overall marketing strategy and generate sales.
A big “Thank you” to Chris Gordon for the 10 minutes. Entitled “What have cakes, cows and cast iron all got in commom” – it’s not the letter “C”.  Chris talked about the massive opportunities there are for businesses through gaining research and development tax credits ” from HMRC.  Jumpstart_Business_Network_presentation
David Minns of A Suit That Fit’s needs your unwanted suits for the Suit for Success campaign – helping disadvantaged, unemployed young people into work.  David will be offering a £50 bespoke gift voucher in exchange for unwanted men’s and women’s suits that you bring along to the next event – 12/6/13.  David collected 6 suits at the event!
Olly Dymond’s Trading Club
A club designed to aid in the learning and earning. Please drop me an email of you are interested.  I have been asked how much money is it possible to make from spread betting…….well the answer is millions!!!!!!! But let’s keep it simple and say the aim of anyone joining the club should be to make at least an extra £1000 per day within the next 12 months. Contact Olly on
The search for Look for Joe Bloggs – If you introduce someone called Joe Bloggs or you are Joe Bloggs who is a decision maker in a business – they come to an event and join then I will give you 12 months membership free!
Preview for the next event 12/6/13 is here 
Any guest* that you invite who joins earns you a bottle of bubbly – unlimited – more guests who join = more fizz!
Businesses not currently represented in Bristol Business Network
Accountants, serviced offices, Health and beauty, cosmetics, florists, photographers, manufacturing, logistics/courier, hire, consumer goods, hair dressers/barbers; landscape/gardening/horticulture, architects, Printing company, taxi, cleaning contractors domestic & commercial, building supplies, travel agents/consultants, butchers, bakers and candle stick makers and someone called Joe Bloggs!- to name a few!
“Happiness is having a scratch for every itch” – Ogden Nash

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