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“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” Part 1 – updated!

May 23, 2013

So said Ronald Reagan and this quote along with some inspiration from a Business Network SW member led me to ask the question to all the members!

Who can you help?

Well I have been astonished with the response and the thought that people have put in to their statements and what I am going to do is feature them over the next few months.

What you read may not be of interest to you now – or may not be of use to you or perhaps one of your clients now but it will I trust strike a chord – which can have any of the following meanings – a bit like networking?!

  • to cause you to realize that something is connected to you in some way

  • if something strikes a chord with someone, they are interested in it and like it because it is connected with their own lives or opinions

  • if something you hear or see strikes a chord, it seems familiar to you

  • to cause someone to remember something; to remind someone of something; to be familiar.

  • create an emotional response

  • refer to or be relevant or familiar to; “I hope this message hits home!”

The responses are all based on the question”Who am I able to help and rather than an introduction to the business first what you will see are their answers – it could be that what they say strikes a chord!  Contact details will be at the end of each listing……

Who I am able to help

 I’ve got a bit carried away I think, but you did ask.

Who can I help? Well, basically anyone and everyone.  It could be a start-up business who is struggling to try to do everything themselves and failing.  Someone who may be working ‘in’ their business, rather than ‘on’ their business sometimes.  Someone who needs to work smarter, by being more productive with their time, concentrating on the fee earning side of their business, rather than the day-to-day admin side of it.  Or, it could be someone who has his or her work life sorted, but at a cost to their personal life.  Their work life is encroaching on their precious family time.  They may need help with things they do outside of office hours but for work, like research for prospect meetings, travel arrangements, booking venues for meetings etc, or, more personal matters like researching/booking holidays, arranging visas, car hire, airport transfers, meet & greet airport parking, arranging their MOTs, theatre tickets, surprise presents for their partners, dinner bookings etc.
My clients are able to confidently delegate tasks to me knowing that I have the required skills and experience to proactively deal with anything they throw at me in a professional and efficient manner.  I work with my clients as part of their team.  The more I know about them and their business, the easier it is for me to be able to help them.  I have clients that I work with on an ad hoc basis that return to me time and time again when they need my services and I have clients I work with on a retainer basis.  Here are a few of the tasks I have dealt with on behalf of my clients recently to give you some idea of the variety of services I am able to offer.
Mystery shopping.  No, I don’t mean running off to Cabot Circus and maxing out my client’s credit card (shame!).  I have had three different clients needing this service, a spa, a boutique hotel and a VA business.  Each requiring different information, but all requiring a full written report and recommendations at the end of the mystery shopping exercise.
Research.  Several clients need this help.  Usually internet or telephone research with findings outlined in a report or spread sheet.
Diary management.  Access to a client’s diary is necessary.  Schedule client’s meetings, training, book train tickets, note all details in diary so the client doesn’t have to worry about where he/she has to be, how to get there, how long it will take etc, it’s all logged in their diaries.
E-mail management.  Usually this relates to e-mail enquiries generated by a client’s website.  A client would provide a full brief on their business and how to respond to various enquiries.
Event management.  Planning an event, it could be a seminar, party, training session.  Everything would be covered from finding/booking the venue, taking bookings/payments, ensuring all necessary equipment is available, refreshments etc.
Invoicing/credit control.  Producing invoices on a client’s behalf, reconciling bank statements, chasing late payments etc
Holiday/travel arrangements.  Research/book holiday, flights, airport transfers, airport meet & greet parking.
Arrange private catering.  Small family party for child’s birthday, booked private caterers, arranged separate birthday cake
Childcare.  No, I don’t do babysitting.  Liaise with client’s nanny & nursery to arrange care for her infant.
Call handling.  Take calls on behalf of my clients, answering as their PA in their business.  Dedicated number for each client so each call is answered in the correct manner.
Project management.  Client with home being renovated.  Briefed on all works required, liaise with contractors/architect from start to finish to ensure deadlines are met.
Populate contacts lists.  Several clients have needed help synchronising all of their devices with their calendars/contacts and updating of their contacts.  Once up to date, they give me a batch of business cards or a list of contact details to update their Outlook/Google (or whatever they use) Contacts.
Mail merge.  Set up documents & databases with relevant fields for clients to use themselves for future mail merge documents.  I have one particular client that has a database of members who he needs to send annual renewal documents/payment schedules to, so this simplified his system, saving him a great deal of time.
Reformatting documents.  Many clients have documents that need updating or PDFs produced into word documents etc or training material produced.
Recruitment.  One client needed help in their recruitment process.  This required placing adverts, dealing with applicant’s responses, filtering out suitable applications, arranging 1st & 2nd interviews and finally sending rejection & acceptance letters.
Debbie George
0117 214 0104
07824 881 446

Who I am able to help

Any company looking to recruit for their business and/or needing support with their recruitment processes whether SME or large corporate:
  • Volume recruitment campaigns or single vacancies
  • Permanent or Temporary hires
  • Interview and Selection skills training to hiring managers
  • Retained Recruitment services – providing external recruitment support for recruitment campaigns
  • Outplacement workshops for companies that are making redundancies
  • Interview support for those individuals/companies that may not recruit very often but need some recruitment expertise to help them through the process
  • Recruitment Advertising/Response Handling
  • Assessment centre design and facilitation
  • AWD (Agency Workers Directive) Audit
  • Individuals looking for work
Able to provide tailored recruitment services depending on client need and happy to have a no obligation meeting to discuss in more detail
Kate Tennant
Regional Recruitment Specialist – South West & Southern
Search Consultancy
D/L Tel: +44 (0) 1458 259398


Who I am able to help

I thought it useful to be precise in stating the type of client I would ideally like to help using my skills set.
1.       Individuals / Professionals / Professional Partnerships facing financial distress and / or bankruptcy.
2.       Company Directors / Shareholders seeking to exit their business via Solvent Liquidations.
3.       Company Directors / Shareholders seeking to restructure their businesses.
4.       Company Directors / Shareholders / Creditors faced with financial turbulence and / or the likelihood of insolvency.
5.       Owner Managers facing financial distress and / or the threat of insolvency proceedings.
6.       Companies facing likely distraint proceedings from HMRC.
7.       Trustees of Charities facing financial difficulty and / or Insolvency.
If you have a client needing advice, I am more than happy to provide a free hour without obligation and in confidence to them.
FRP Advisory 
DDI: +44 (0) 117 203 3673
Fax: +44 (0) 117 203 3701

Who I am able to help;

1.      Employers of all sizes who have employees with children aged up to 15 (16 if disabled) who are paying for childcare. I can typically save employees up to £920 a year on the cost of their childcare and employers some of their employers NI contribution.
2.      Employers of all sizes who have employees who would like to obtain a new bike on which to cycle to work (can be used for other purposes as well), largely with money that they don’t pay tax & NI on. Employers make a saving on NI as well.
3.      Employers taking either or both of the, normally cost neutral with an employer saving, above benefits are also able to provide all of their employees (not just those taking Childcare Vouchers or Cycle to Work) with the following ‘free of charge and no employer administration’ Additional Benefits:
  •     A discount at our chain of Co-operative Childcare Nurseries.
  •     A £50 Cash Back at our Co-operative Energy business (gas & electricity provided in an open, honest & transparent manner).
  •     A discounted line rental and broadband package provided by the Phone Co-op.
  •     £100 Cash back offer from the Co-operative Bank.
  •     Free professional advice on writing a will from Co-operative Legal Services and fixed price legal services.
  •     Discounted Family Care Advice for employees needing to find care or assistance for elderly family members.
  •     Cash back on pre-need funeral plans from Co-operative Funeralcare.
    We can also provide a free of charge Payroll Giving Benefit (tax free donations to charities of employees choice).
Benefits that make a significant contribution to Recruitment & Retention.
Alan Webb
Regional Account Manager
Mob: 07976 055517

I can help with following:

  • Businesses looking to grow – helping to develop a marketing strategy and action plan
  • Businesses launching a new product or service – helping to develop a marketing strategy and action plan
  • Businesses without an in-house marketing resource – managing the day-to-day marketing requirements
  • Business owners/in-house marketing professionals needing strategic guidance/direction – providing marketing consultancy
  • Supporting with ad hoc projects or on a longer-term retained basis
Alison Jobson DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer


Straight Marketing Limited
Email: | Telephone: 01395 269791 Website:

I’d like to help small, medium and large firms who want to;

1.    Grow their business and market share
2.    Develop or retain long-term customers
3.    Develop “contract” business
4.    Improve the way they communicate – internally & externally
5.    Become more confident in interviews and question and answer sessions
6.    Be more assured and professional when making formal presentations
7.    Create visual aids that inspire rather than bore the audience
8.    Spend less time when preparing presentations
9.    Understand what motivates their customers purchasing decisions
10. Learn how to convert the features of the products and services that they sell into customer benefits
I’m sure there’s more but how’s that as a starter for ten!
Hugh Graham
The Bid Coach Ltd
Office: 01963 240555

More “How can I help’s” will follow soon!

If you would like to meet these people in person what about getting along to a Business Network SW event?

Where do you get your invitation?

call 01981 540708

email – with “yes book me in” or “yes send me invite” or

complete enquiry form here

Why should you attend?

At each event you will have the opportunity to meet numerous other senior decision makers from locally based businesses in a relaxed and focused environment. It is a proven way and sustainable way of continuing to develop opportunities.

  • You will generate opportunities that will enhance your business
  • You will build mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers
  • The networking is relaxed and comfortable
  • You will the opportunity to promote your business and expertise
  • You will build a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business
  • You will generate an ROI on your networking
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