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Sales Through Service – a free course!

June 7, 2013

Delighted to bring this opportunity to you – courtesy of Exeter Business Network members Great or Poor


How to sell more for less cost in today’s Customer Empowered World

Free 2 hour seminar and workshop for Leaders and Managers

Date: Friday 28/6/13    8am – 10am (Refreshments provided!)

At the: Devon Hotel, Marsh Barton, Exeter

Cost: FREE: no cost no obligation (we do no advertising … we do free seminars to gain exposure and build reputation)

Only 20 places available: click here to book free online

Update – less than 9 spaces available

Or email to book your place

(Please note non attendees will be charged a £15 no show admin fee)

What will be covered:

90 minute interactive workshop

  • The customer empowered world & the Social Revolution
  • How customers behave and what they REALLY want
  • How to proactively manage feedback & use it to build sales
  • How to generate a great reputation
  • How to empower your staff and hold them accountable
  • Effectively getting referrals (without all the BS!)
  • Systematic sales building whilst also reducing marketing costs
  • Systematic continual improvement

30 Minute Q&A

Only 20 places available: click here to book online

Or email to book your place

Follow Up

Of course, we’d like you to get great results from this session, but, let’s be honest, how much are you REALLY going to change and grow from one 2 hour free session?

A little bit?

Of course, and that may well be good enough for you.

(And we repeat these sessions quarterly, so please feel free to send a colleague along to the next one)

But very often you may want to take this a little further for long term growth and sales, so we offer the following services to help you get REAL and long lasting results.

  • Free weekly top tips, Videos and eBooklets
  • Investors in Feedback: feedback gathering and referral marketing (£9 / result!!)
  • High Impact training sessions in your business: ‘Go the Extra Inch’: £395
  • Business Surgery to help your business grow: £470
  • Ongoing Coaching at fixed rates: £99 – £275 / month

Please note: if you are in a SW based business that is looking to seriously grow sales, then we may also be able to access up to £2900 worth of Govt Funding to help you do this! Please ask us for details.

Contact Details:

Office: call Lizzy on 01647 253461


Only 20 places available: click here to book online

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