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What’s happening with Taunton Business Network?

June 7, 2013

What’s happening in Taunton?

Taunton Business Network over the last few months has faced challenges with the numbers attending the events diminishing.

There has been some great feedback from members and visitors that the events are valuable, enjoyable and beneficial and that business is being generated. The event in April had 10 people there and with a different format there was some positive feedback.
What has not happened is for the numbers at events to be at a regular 25 + giving you the variety of contacts and with it the increased opportunities
I have spent a lot of time making phone calls, emails, postcards, social media activity – the Sean Humby politely persistent process that works in Exeter and Bristol – but to no avail.
I could say it is the current climate, the choice of networking events that require no commitment to membership, the cost and those could well be true and in some cases are but looking ahead I cannot see Taunton Business Network in its current guise being sustainable as part of Business Network (SW) Ltd. I have tried working in collaboration with other organisations but these have not been fruitful.
I have had to take a commercial view which I have found difficult as my heart says carry on, the events work, I really enjoy them, the feedback is good but the head is right.
Based on this there will be no further Taunton Business Network events in their current format until further notice – there will no event in May, June or July – saying that I have a date provisionally booked in September for an event on which the format is still being worked on – I shall keep you updated with details.
What I will be working on is whether there is some mileage in having a less frequent event – perhaps quarterly, based on the format that was tried in April with a restricted number of places, there would be no membership requirement to attend.
It has been a difficult decision to make as I have always seen the potential that Taunton Business Network has to become like Exeter and Bristol – perhaps not at this time or in the current format.
My apologies if this has come as a surprise and/or disappointment and I would like to thank you for your support since October 2008
Monthly events in Bristol and Exeter

Where do you get your invitation?

call 01981 540708

email – “yes send me invite” or

complete enquiry form here

Why should you attend?

At each event you will have the opportunity to meet numerous other senior decision makers from locally based businesses in a relaxed and focused environment. It is a proven way and sustainable way of continuing to develop opportunities.

  • You will generate opportunities that will enhance your business
  • You will build mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers
  • The networking is relaxed and comfortable
  • You will the opportunity to promote your business and expertise
  • You will build a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business
  • You will generate an ROI on your networking

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