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June 28, 2013

More from the wide wide world of networking


A guest post from Matt Symonds, chief editor, a website dedicated to the world’s outstanding business schools. He is also director ofFortuna Admissions and co-author of ABC of Getting the MBA Admissions Edge.

There are many good reasons for going to a top business school. The connections to major companies, the experience and insight of your fellow students, the academic rigor of your professors. But high on the list for many is the address book—admission to an international network of movers and shakers that will open doors around the world throughout your career.

For many business students, few address books are as difficult to crack as China, where the traditional form of networking is called guanxi.



Just love this picture –

Image from Image Power Australia. Founded in 1999, Image Power Australia is a Registered Training Organisation specializing in training programs which establish and reinforce an appreciation of the importance of conceptual and practical social skills which have a wide range of applications within business and social contexts. Whether applying for work, chatting appropriately, writing a business letter or influencing change, good business and social practice is all about successful communication.

Networking Skills

  • Business Networking is a powerful marketing tool that all successful businesses encourage their employees to utilise.
  • Contrary to popular belief, successful business networking isn’t selling, it is about developing and encouraging reciprocal relationships that can lead to profitable recommendations,  particularly in highly competitive business markets.



16 Simple Tips for Networking Smarter image entrepreneurship networking advice 1 300x200Six degrees of separation are allegedly all that stand between you and anyone on the planet. Or, according to my father, “There are not six degrees of separation, there are two; you just have to think hard enough.”

Like him, I’m a connector, and would agree that regardless of how many people it takes to connect us, no one is too far removed. More so, it can be a great joy to facilitate those connections for people in your network.

But I’ve also learned that just because things come naturally to me, it’s not always the same for others. I learned this most pointedly with networking. Here are 16 quick, immediate tips to help you become a better networker:

  1. Networking starts…….

If networking intimidates you — or you think you’re all set and don’t need to do it to begin with! — think again. Refer back to these tips the next time you’re looking for a reference for a personal or business service, a job lead, a new hire, or any number of other things a strong network can provide.

No one is immune from networking. Embrace it, find the fun in it, and it will serve you well.

Darrah Brustein is the co-founder of Equitable Payments, a merchant services brokerage, and founder of Atlanta Under 40, a monthly networking event for young professionals. Darrah recently authored Finance Whiz Kids, a series of kids book that teach the basics of financial education.



Ilana Greene

 – Editor – Harvard Newsletter

6 Tips to Make Networking Pay Off

Posted: 05/07/2013 1:47 pm – Huffington Post

In my experience, there are several reasons why networking fails, but chief among them is not knowing what to say.

When I first started out, I went to industry events and met people over drinks seemingly every night. Then, as my network expanded, I began hosting my own events, in addition to the ones I already attended. I assumed life was hard enough for a female entrepreneur, so I looked for every socializing advantage I could find. But what I realized was that networking can be a waste of time if I was not more selective about my professional relationships.

Similar to the way adding 10,000 friends on Facebook is not an accurate representation of my network, neither was meeting any professional I came across. No matter what I attended, who I met or how many business cards I handed out, I still experienced the same slow times, off-months and hot streaks that suddenly go cold.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your professional networking strategy helps — and doesn’t hurt — your business.


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