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July 5, 2013

by Startacus Admin
Published on: 29th April 2013

Hand shakes. Smiles. Coffee and chat.

For some the face to face networking event is a fabulous chance to make business connections, get new ideas and inspiration, find support , collaborate and potentially find future business partners.

For others, the face to face nature of networking can seem like a real life nightmare, and for those that fear small talk, introductions and that feeling of first-day nerves, networking events, whilst often a necessity can fill them with dread.

But do not fear – here’s our Startacus with a quick reminder of the basics that will make your networking experience as comfortable and as worthwhile as possible (fingers crossed).


Top 10 Tips to Maximize Results from Face-to-Face Networking Events

It’s true: face-to-face networking events can be awkward, phony and, well, boring. Maybe 3% of the people who are there really love the notion of exchanging introductions over and over again, trading business cards with total strangers, and having a good time. The other 97% wish they could be home with the family, watching the latest basketball game, or taking off their shoes to relieve the aching feet.

People go to networking events for all kinds of reasons……..


Washington Intern Social Housing

In The Company You Keep

May 23, 2013

networking for success

Networking for Success

Though you may not be aware of it, there is one thing you are probably doing on a daily basis that is very important to setting your career path. You do it every time you make a new friend, mingle at a party, or attend any social event. And no, it’s not just lining up your next date. You are networking, and it can greatly improve your chances of staying ahead of the curve in a very competitive job market.

Here’s some food for thought: according to Harvard Business School, between 65% to 85% of all jobs are filled by someone who knows someone else….

Build relationships

Posted: Sunday, May 5, 2013 1:00 am

Carroll Business Path

By Mike McMullin – President of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. Email him at

When I ask people why they joined the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, over 90 percent say it is for the networking and visibility. I then proceed to tell them that I really don’t like the word networking, as it seems contrived, insincere and phony.

Whereas it’s probably not the brightest thing to be critical of the very reason that caused them to join, I quickly rebound by extolling the virtues of relationship building over customary networking. The two things are very different, and business in Carroll County is grown through building relationships.

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