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Networking Know How – Global Digest!

August 2, 2013

I am extremely grateful for the people who compile these great articles – all helping people to get the most from any networking that they do.

Also a vote of thanks to Google for their wonderful alerts service!

6 tips on how to get the most out of business networking

Pamela Eyring, Reuters | 13/05/27There’s an old adage, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”That adage couldn’t be more appropriate in today’s competitive job market. And networking (especially when you’re employed) can be the key to staying employed and staying on a clear career track.

But there’s more to networking than shaking hands and exchanging business cards. Done right, networking helps you forge relationships with like-minded professionals to the benefit all.

While networking is often used to generate referrals and leads for new business, it’s also extremely useful for finding a new job, discovering possible new hires, improving basic business practices, or changing career paths altogether.

The key is to get out there and connect. It’s up to you to find and make the most of the opportunities presented.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…..

Here’s How To Build A Win-Win Networking Relationship

By Sharon Michaels – published in Forbes

Here is a business-building rule of thumb: Don’t waste your time networking if you are not prepared to develop win-win relationships. Trust me when I say, I know what I’m talking about.

Here’s my advice: If you aren’t networking for the long haul then don’t bother networking at all. Frankly, you are wasting your energy if you expect instant gratification.

Here are five key networking tips that I share with my organization of women entrepreneurs:

Sharon Michaels is a coach and mentor to Women Who Want To Successfully Work For Themselves. She is also author of the popular membership where you will find monthly success tools for growing yourself, your wealth and your business.  You’ll also want to subscribe to her complimentary Ezine, Unlimited Success For Women.

5 ways to help brush up on networking skills

Written by Andy Bailey For The Tennessean

With social networking literally at our fingertips, many of us don’t get as much practice with traditional networking. Engaging with colleagues, business prospects and friends face-to-face requires alternate skill sets than those expected through online interactions.

For instance, you must think on your feet in a real-time networking scenario, while social networking allows delays in between interactions. Someone may post on your wall, and you can respond hours later with a crafted response. Try any amount of non-response or quiet time in a face-to-face networking session. Awkward.

With digital interactions occurring more regularly than in-person exchanges, many of us need to brush up on our traditional networking skills.

Here are five networking tips I live by and regularly pass on to the business teams I work with:

Networking Tips: Get People Talking About Your Business

May 30, 2013 By: Lauren Vazquez

Marketing your business may be one of the most expensive and time consuming tasks for small business owners. The best form of advertising is always word of mouth. Facebook and other social media sites are banking on this fact. Now unless you have a 100k budget, chances are you will be the one generating most of the word of mouth marketing. Getting your friends and family to share the benefits of your business is one thing, but getting strangers to do so is an entirely different effort. There are tons of networking tips online, but there are three concepts critical to getting people talking about your business. Relevance, trust, and remembering. These should be your goals for all networking efforts…..


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