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Ideal lunch companions included Elvis, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and a dragon!

August 15, 2013
More on the ideal lunch companions later!
First an apt quote from a literary giant born on 14/8/1771 – I bet Walter Scott didn’t realise the presience of what he said
“For success, attitude is equally as important as ability”
The attitude that prevailed at the Bristol Business Network event at Redwood Hotel & CC was one of enthusiastic conversation with people creating the conversations that lead to the connections that make great business relationships
The haze of enthusiastic conversation appears to make this photo blurred!

       The haze of enthusiastic conversation appears to make these photo’s  blurred!


During the presentations that each person gave at their table, as well as having the opportunity to explain what benefits they can bring to others, how they help others overcome challenges and become more successful, perhaps to share market intelligence, resources, leads, contacts – phew – what can happen in 3 minutes is amazing!  Going back to the as well as – each person had to say who (living or dead) they would most like to have lunch with and why.
The table that I was sat at had an amazing variety of people for a whole host of reasons.
Including seeing how I.K Brunel would react/see the business landscape now with social media et al
The chance to meet a Dragon in a non TV environment
Listening to Richard Burton – his tales and fabulous voice
Henry Morton Stanley – how a man achieved so much from so little
The cahnce to spend time with a polymath such as Stephen Fry – listening!

Photo from Telegraph

I guess they could be seen as potential guests for future lunches! – Richard Burton, Elvis Presley, Henry Morton Stanley, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a dragon (Dragons Den), my wife, Stephen Fry, Richard Branson to name a few – what a table that would be!
Thank you to Mike Woodliffe from Space for an insight into the world of the surveyor, how to spot them and above all how they can enhance your business
Mike Woodliffe - the Spaceman!

Mike Woodliffe – the Spaceman!

Tips to spot a Chartered Surveyor – look for the following
                                                                                                            From The Guardian                                             Visi jacket and hard hat – do they give it away?
Bristol Business Network – Charity of the Year 2013
The Jessie May Trust – Created by a family for families
Jessica May died at home aged 4 1/2 months surrounded by her family and supported by a team of nurses. Her parents created Jessie May to ensure that every child who is not expected to reach adulthood receives nursing care within the home. Since 1996 we have been providing this care, free of charge, in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.
Quick reminders
Look for Joe Bloggs***

See you 18/9/13– that’s the next event!

“I’ve got to keep breathing.  It’ll be my worst business mistake if I don’t” Steve Martin born 14/8/1945
That’s it from Bristol Business Networks August event
Have a fantastic networking month!

sean signature picture

Sean Humby – Director and Host for Business Network SW events in Bristol and Exeter – being recorded by Bitpod

***JOE BLOGGS – If you introduce someone called Joe Bloggs who is a decision maker in a business – they come to an event free of charge and when they join then I will give you 12 months membership free!

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