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Almanac of super networking articles – updated Feb 2015!

August 29, 2013

Updated February 2015 – orginally published in August 2013

What I can say is that the advice and tips still ring true and that Google Alerts still continue to deliver some great content!

To start with something new!

Growing and building your network

A Slideshare presentation from Sean Humby


From January edition of Business Insider and article by Richard Feloni  @RichFeloni

“A master networker shares his top 20 Tips”

“At one of Jon Levy’s house parties you could find yourself, as we recently did, making fajitas with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Regina Spektor and leading snake venom expert Zoltan Takacs before watching live presentations from Bill Nye the Science Guy and break-dancing pioneer Richard “Crazy Legs” Colon.

Levy may not be a Wall Street billionaire or hotshot advertising executive, but over the past five years, he’s built the Influencers, a network of over 400 interesting and impressive people that includes everyone from Nobel laureates to Olympic athletes.

As an independent marketing consultant specializing in consumer behavior, a diverse, strong network is beneficial to his career. But beyond that, Levy has a genuine passion for connecting influential people from different fields and seeing what these relationships yield.

We asked Levy to share some of the tactics he used to go from a low-profile New Yorker to the leader of a growing network of power players. Here are his top networking tips…………………………….


Networking like a pro

Elisabeth Fraser Au-Yeung, vice president of marketing, Sensiba San Filippo LLP

Networking is a critical best practice for business owners regardless of their company’s size. When you are just starting out, the effort you put in to making and nurturing contacts can directly impact your revenue and the future success of your business.

Smart Business spoke to Elisabeth Fraser Au-Yeung, vice president of marketing at Sensiba San Filippo LLP, about tips and tools that can help you become a polished and eloquent networking expert.

Answering questions like….

How can business owners prepare for a networking event?

When you arrive, how do you start a conversation?

How should business owners ‘pitch’ themselves and their business?

What are the most important tips for success in networking?


5 Essential Tips for Surviving Awkward Networking Events

drunk business people

Networking events are awkward. And when you don’t go to them often, you might have no idea what to do or how to act.

Use these tips to save yourself from potential embarrassment:


Top 10 Business Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

August 2, 2013 

Are you a budding entrepreneur or even an established one but experiencing trouble with growing your business through harnessing relationships, here are the Top 10 Business Networking Tips to grow your personal profile and therefore business, according to Jason Razar:

An example of these great tips

Social Proof is Key – don’t make the mistake of telling others how great you are, get other people to do it for you.   Having someone else at the meet-up point you out or suggest that you’re an important person to get to know, is infinitely more valuable than anything you could do to talk yourself up.



Building Your Network

July 19, 2013

Recently I had the privilege of sitting on a panel with executive women leaders, one of whom, Vickie Schray, senior vice president at Bridgepoint Education, spoke about networking.  Vickie offered inspirational wisdom about the value of one’s professional network, and the incredible hard work, intention and dedication it takes to tend to one’s network.  That got me thinking about how invaluable my network has become, particularly as I’ve crossed higher education sectors.

As my career took me from traditional to for-profit institutions, I found two things happened;

Read more: 
Inside Higher Ed 


Smart Etiquette for Professional Networking

By Gordon Dymowski, July 22, 2013 at 8:45 am

Chicago has plenty of professional networking opportunities – several of which were featured in last week’s post. Today, I am going to provide some tips for making the best of your networking efforts. It is easy for non-profit/social good advocates to assume little need to refine their skills; however, this should be helpful in providing guidance and reassurance for networkers in any field….and in any situation.

With that, let’s get started!


Plenty more fabulous articles and top tips here


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