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Face to face – figuring it out

September 6, 2013
Some tremendous articles on the importance of face to face meetings, how to get the most from them, whay you need to have them and an isight into some technology!
Thank you to Google alerts for the sifting and above all the people who write so eloquently
Susan Adams
Carol Kinsey Gorman
Drake Baer

Why We Need to Meet in Person

Susan AdamsSusan Adams, Forbes Staff cover careers, jobs and every aspect of leadership.

You can’t do this virtually.

The Feb. 28 issue of Forbes has a story I wrote about why people can still get a lot out of meeting face-to-face. Teleconferencing is a booming business, doubling in sales to $1.6 billion in the last five years. But we all know in our guts that even the fanciest high tech systems (some cost as much as $600,000) can’t replace getting together in the flesh.

Why is that?


The Forbes’s 2009 Report is a wealth of information to see why




Back To The Future With Face-To-Face Technology

Technology has played a key role in the evolution of business communication. In the past, corporate communication was a one-way street, with executives pushing information down to employees through impersonal, formal messages. This type of communication was supported by technologies such as video, DVD and closed circuit television. Today, management is in a constant loop of collaboration and feedback with employees and clients. With the rise of new technologies – internet, email – there is a growing expectation that information should be conveyed globally as soon as it is known, and that employees should be in touch 24/7. But email has become so ubiquitous that it’s difficult to get anyone’s attention.

So welcome to the visual technology revolution — and a “return” to the power of face-to-face.

Article written by (!?htmlCarol Kinsey Goman –  workplace body language expert — the author of “The Nonverbal Advantage: Body Language at Work,” & “The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help – or Hurt – How You Lead.” My latest book is “The Truth About Lies in the Workplace: How to Spot Liars and What to do About Them.” In this blog I write about nonverbal communication in the workplace, and focus primarily on how body language impacts leadership effectiveness. I’ve written over 300 articles in the fields of organizational change, leadership, innovation, employee engagement, collaboration, global business practices, body language. I am an executive coach and keynote speaker. Prior to founding Kinsey Consulting Services, I was a therapist with a private practice specializing in short-term therapy for behavioral change. I live in Berkeley, California with my husband, Ray, and our Cavalier King Charles, Nelson. Feel free to follow me on Twitter: cgoman, subscribe to me on Facebook, or Circle me on Google+.



A paragraph from a super article on Fast Company..

DJ Patil recommended that you “seek out those who will take a risk on you” and to take a risk on others; Cap Watkins, the design lead at Etsy, wrote of how someone taking a cup of coffee with him changed his life–and how he now pays that kindness forward. And as Frans Johansson expertly argued, at the center of every success story is a fortuitous meeting–and you can help create that fortune for others.






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