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It’s not what you say……

September 27, 2013

What can I say – a huge “THANK YOU” – here’s why…

The power of testimonials, recommendations is a subject that has been blogged, discussed and mentioned numerous times – a quick Google search and the following comes up…..

2011 – Nigel Botterill’s blog 

2013 – Entrepreneurs Circle – Success Stories

Botty’s Rules 29 – Success Stories

There’s even a discussion on LinkedIn 

I must add that it is not just Nigel Botterill that extols the virtues of “what other people say” there are some super articles

An infographic here from testimonial monkey!

From Evan Carmichael 

Where is all this going?  Enough of my words……

I received the following email…..

Hi Sean,
As promised I recalculated my ROI from BNSW over the 4 years that I have been a member and it has gone up to 495%!! Here’s a testimonial you can use:
“As a business coach I know how important it is to meet people in person in order to be able to make useful business connections, and at the Business Network South West meetings you get to do exactly that. I have been a member of BNSW for 4 years now and have made many useful connections, as well as friends along the way. And as with any business, I make sure that I don’t just go to meetings for the sake of a nice lunch (although that is always provided in this case), I also want to make sure I get a good return on my investment of time and money. I’m happy to say that over the 4 years my ROI on the BNSW membership has been 495%, which is just about as good as it gets in my opinion. That’s why I never hesitate to renew my membership, why I make sure I attend every meeting and why I would wholeheartedly recommend this network to any business owner who wants to grow their business through referrals. Thanks for the great opportunities Sean.”
I hope you like it J
Inge Dowden
Business Coach

Speaking your language
Phone: 0117-3704204
Thank you Inge!
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