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Compendium of fabulous networking knowledge

October 11, 2013

Fabulous to see that networking is such a global thing and that there is a wealth of material that you can call on to make your networking more enjoyable, more effective, more rewarding and more about the win-win.

“By the way, it really is very rewarding helping people & I find that it may be a year or two before it comes back around to you, so don’t hold your breath.  Just have faith that it may eventually happen, and if it doesn’t.  Well, you did a good deed, so be content with that.” – David Coblitz from his post –

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From the

3 tips on sharing business cards with courtesy
Career DeskDevelopment

Exchanging business cards is the first thing professionals do when networking

Personal networking is an integral part of building professional relationships even in the modern technological era. It is convenient to think that connecting with professionals through online networking sites is enough but sadly, it is not. To effectively communicate with someone you met at a conference or any official gathering, the need to interact on a personal level and being able to maintain that connection are crucial to define that interaction as efficient networking.

Exchanging business cards…………………….

From Dynamic Business Magazine

Networking is a great way for franchisors to grow their connections, find potential franchisees and gain more business opportunities.

Yet it can also be a daunting experience, especially if you are unsure how to start a conversation with people you don’t know.

However, there are many benefits to meeting new people in your industry such as gaining business advice, getting referrals, making friends, having a support network and helping others to achieve their goals.

Here are some valuable tips to help you maximise each networking experience (and make it a little less daunting).


Have you ever collected a handful of business cards at a networking event, but couldn’t remember who many of them were when you went to follow up the next day?

Now here’s a scarier question: How many times have you been the person someone has forgotten? How many business opportunities have you lost because you have blended into the crowd?

Successful networking isn’t about grabbing business cards and hoping for the best.

It’s about making a lasting impression and building rapport so a relationship can start to be built even in the brief time you have with them. To help you, here are five tips to ensure you leave a lasting impression at every event and meeting you go to:

From New Zealand’s

92% of business people say that networking is a key part of professional development and business success, yet 96% of the same group say we can improve our networking skills.

The results are from a survey conducted by The Icehouse, an organisation which helps Kiwi businesses to grow.

The Icehouse surveyed New Zealand business people to gain insights on attitudes and habits when it comes to networking and received just over 140 responses.

The Icehouse CEO Andy Hamilton says the majority (79%) of respondents relate networking to building vital contacts.

“The results show 

From Uganda’s

The meaning of business networking

Those who successfully engage in business networking consider it to be an invaluable activity; but what exactly is it? Essentially, business networking is the act of reaching out to establish and grow new business relationships. Every definition I have come across also points out that those relationships are both long term and mutually beneficial. This should help explain why people who network from a purely “what-is-in-it-for-me” position have almost no networking success to celebrate.

Read more – super top tips…

From Ventures Africa

Tips On Networking For Business Purposes

“Network! Network! Network!” is the mantra of modern times but how does shaking hands turn into growth and opportunity for your fledgling business? There is so much more to effective business networking than attending events and handing out business cards. “Networking is important for all businesses in general and small business in particular. Why? Your connections and relationships with the ‘right’ people will help you to grow your business and expand your sphere of influence,” says Karl Smith, founder of Business Networking South Africa.

Read more here





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