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Loved the response! Brings together The Jacksons and Art Blakey!

October 11, 2013

One of the key aspects of networking is meeting people face to face.  As Art Blakey said “If you are not appearing you are disappearing”

Easier said than done – possibly!

My key role as someone who organises events for a living is to get people together.  When people are together then conversations ensue and connections and relationships are formed.

The getting people together is an art and one that is constantly developing – using direct mail, email, telephone calls, postcards, Face Book, Twitter (and all the other social media platforms) Blogs and many other ways too numerous to mention.

Anyway my last piece of correspondence, an email with the following subject line

Penultimate email for Bristol Business Network

and the opening lines

The penultimate email I promised
Did it get noticed?
Because you know what’s next
Before my call, the text
What can I say
As I contact you today
The lunch is next week
And all that I seek
Is a yes or a no
As you may want to go
To not only the lunch, but the seminar too
To join more than a few
Feel free to book your place
It’ll be great to meet face to face
The poems may get longer 
As my skills get stronger!

that led into the full details of the event – you can see details here


And the response I received from Ken Abbot – Redwing Excel* – was FANTASTIC!!!!


“Number 4 hit for the Jackson 5 in 1970…!”


Can you work it out???


This has now inspired me to share my article “Why Networking Works” as described by chart singles!  Watch this space



*The cancellation of the West Coast mainline rail franchise last year was put down to “technical flaws”.  The problem was actually due to incorrect formulas in the spreadsheet used for the calculations.  If only they had come to us!

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