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Mediation – an insight from Exeter Business Network members Compass Resolution

November 26, 2013
It’s National Dispute Resolution Week and Exeter Business Network member John Hind of Compass Resolution has put together some videos to help people understand mediation and to raise the awareness of this process and the benefits.   Mediation- The challenges   What do mediators do  What is mediation   Why mediate
John is proud to be the 12th organisation in the country to have just been awarded the HSSF kite mark for my organisation’s HELP AND SUPPORTED FOR SEPARATED FAMILIES service. “So proud that I have prepared a short video to explain what it is and to raise the awareness of what it means for the public” 

John’s story….

In November 2011 I founded the Compass Resolution Group specialising in family and workplace mediation and facilitative solutions. We focus exclusively on the most effective ways of helping and supporting people to work together in mediation to solve problems and resolve conflict arising from relationship breakdown in the family and workplace.

The “Compass Resolution journey” began with my first job as a British army captain in the 80’s where I experienced first-hand the negative impact of conflict on people’s lives, the importance of supporting people to manage and cope with the effects of conflict and the positive power of effective team working and support.

When I left the army in 1989, having studied law at University, I was drawn to civil litigation which fed my natural instincts to support and protect my clients’ interests.

However, the catalyst for my professional transformation came in 1998 when I trained as a family mediator. I discovered that this way of working resonated with my facilitative nature where the emphasis is on supporting people to work together, making their own decisions and reaching their own solutions in difficult situations, when they are often at their most vulnerable. This has been reinforced by my practice as a collaborative lawyer, civil and workplace mediator since 2005.

At Compass Resolution we are committed to;

•providing the most effective mediation and facilitative support enabling our clients to work together to reach their own outcomes by providing access to a full range of professional support and information, when they need it and at a price they can afford and agreed from the outset.
•supporting individuals to work within conflictual family and workplace environments.
•supporting mediators to develop and market their own family and workplace mediation businesses
•training others in mediation and faciltative skills helping many towards full mediation accreditation.

This is a life-long project and passion…..

John’s blog –

Compass Resolution Website

01392 848482 or 07789275907
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