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Fabulous start to 2014 – thank you Elvis and Monty Python!

January 9, 2014
“All ideas come about through observation.  It sparks an attitude; some object or emotion causes a reaction in another” a quote from Monty Python’s Graham Chapman (b 8/1/1941) and one that most definitely applies to networking!
Exeter Business Network’s first event of 2014 at Exeter Golf and Country Club began a seminar hosted by  Charlie Martin from Optix Solutions on why businesses shouldn’t use social media – full of great advice – from what not to do – sell, talk about your breakfast to what social media won’t do – such as hide or solve a poor business or offer a quick fix.
 Charlie covered some disastrous social media campaigns from some very big companies – I won’t mention them here as you never know who’s watching!  From the bad and ugly to the great and good as Charlie talked about how social media can really work for you by following some simple steps…… If you missed this or want to find out more on topics such as – creation of inbound marketing profiles, how to run split tests on your site to improve conversion rates & use of Twitter for outreach work…..
THE Networking lunch was full of conversations, connections and collaborations as people enjoyed their 2 course served lunch.
 Among those at the event
ExeterJan 2014
A big thank you to John Hind – Compass Resolution – a thought provoking and enlightening 10 mins – more details here on what mediation is all about.  
John showed a video that depited a typical situation where mediation could well have prevented the impasse that was occuring (can an impasse occur?)
Devon Air Ambulance – buy tickets for the Robin Cousins ICE show over the phone from the box office for the gala night on 08444 999 955 quoting DAAT you’ll not only be donating 10% back to the Charity, but you will also receive a very special wristband for the special VIP reception afterwards, to meet the fantastic stars of the show!
The next event 5/2/14 – Preview here!  A golden nugget of an event! 
Penultimately a quote that shows the need for a variety of contacts and very poignant for January “I have no use for bodyguards but I do have a very specific use for 2 highly trained accountants” – Elvis Presley b 8/1/35
Finally – thank you for all the comments on Twitter (@seanhumby and #BNSW)
wintenders10:02am via Web@seanhumby It was a novel experience to meet my namesake and what a coincidence to find the two Ian Smiths sitting next to each other!

wintenders10:02am via Tweet Button@seanhumby Great meeting yesterday Sean and Charlie’s seminar (Optix Solutions) was really excellent and helpful for most of us, if not all.
MangoPersonnelJan 08, 6:29pm via TweetDeckGreat to see @glenkingpr @cobaltcomps@Assistor @nigelwnw and @seanhumby@BelindaNewtonHR today – here is to a successful 2014!1 retweets

TTPLukJan 08, 4:30pm via Twitter for iPhone@ckxm @seanhumby @exetergcc@OptixSolutions Well Behaved! Must try harder :0) But seriously, thank you, a really good event2 retweetsShow Conversation

nigelwnwJan 08, 4:24pm via EchofonRT @seanhumby: A Free ecommerce “Successfully Selling Online” courtesy of @wnwdesign #BNSW
Thanks Sean
ckxmJan 08, 4:00pm via Web@seanhumby @exetergcc @OptixSolutions Oh and a really good follow up event from today will be our top trends of 2014 retweetsShow Conversation

ckxmJan 08, 3:41pm via Web@seanhumby @exetergcc @OptixSolutionsThanks to all those that attended…a very engaging group….1 retweetsShow Conversation

ckxmJan 08, 3:40pm via Web@TTPLuk @seanhumby @exetergcc@OptixSolutions It was a pleasure to bring along such a well behaved guest! Bottle of champagne next time 😉Show Conversation

ckxmJan 08, 3:39pm via Web@glenkingpr @seanhumby @OptixSolutionsThank you very much Glen, really pleased you found it of use! :)1 retweetsShow Conversation

ckxmJan 08, 3:38pm via Web@stevecomms1 @seanhumby @OptixSolutionsThanks for the feedback Steve, I’m really pleased you found it of use!Show Conversation

glenkingprJan 08, 3:08pm via WebGreat networking lunch today @seanhumby – learnt so much from Charlie’s @OptixSolutionssocial media seminar!1 retweets

OptixSolutionsJan 08, 12:55pm via TweetDeckRT @seanhumby: Super start to 1st #BNSWevent of 2014 here @exetergcc with fabulous seminar from @OptixSolutions retweets

thebestofExeterJan 08, 12:45pm via HootSuiteRT @seanhumby: Super start to 1st #BNSWevent of 2014 here @exetergcc with fabulous seminar from retweets

stevecomms1Jan 08, 11:37am via Twitter for iPadAt Business Network SW, @seanhumby, a great presentation from @OptixSolutions , very thought provoking. Thanks1 retweets

Have a fantastic day and month!
2 other photo’s from the event – I think I see an opportunity of membership for a photographer based on these!!!
Conversations and connections over drinks
Table to table networking – the printed seating plan coming into it’s own!

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  1. What a great start to the year Sean and Megan – excellent seminar hosted by the inspirational Charlie from Optix Solutions. Such a lot to think about and do!

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