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Why Now 2014 – thank you BNSW member for this……SW events for you….

January 24, 2014

Far quicker than an email – have to share this with you and feel free to pass on!

Quick question for you – What will you be doing in 2014 to boost your business? Well, I’ve heard there are 11 critical things every business should be doing to make 2014 your best year ever.

I’ve heard a lot about a super successful guy called Nigel Botterill, he’s an award winning entrepreneur who’s set up 8 separate £1m+ businesses in the past 8 years. Nigel has just recorded a short video that explains exactly how you can DOUBLE your profits and really give your business a massive boost in 2014. 

The video is titled “Why now is the single best time in the last 20 years to significantly grow your small business” – it’s only a few minutes long and there’s some really good stuff in there.
Underneath the video, there’s also a chance to book on to the Why Now? events Nigel’s team have on in January and February . They’re running something like 120 events round the country, including 13 in the South West and 1 right here in Plymouth on Thursday the 30th of January, and I reckon it’d be really useful for you to get down to one and check it out.  

Thank you!


The dates for the South West

Tuesday 28th Jan – 6pm


Thursday 30th Jan – 10am


Thursday 30th Jan – 6pm


Monday 3rd Feb – 10am


Monday 3rd Feb – 6pm


Tuesday 4th Feb – 6pm


Tuesday 18th Feb – 9.30am


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