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Memo: Stress Point: Tax Return Deadline

January 30, 2014



To:  Owner / Managers, Unincorporated bodies, SMEs

Copies: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Date: 30th January 2014

From the desk of Sam Talby – Partner FRP Advisory


Subject: Stress Point- Tax Return Deadline

I  trust you do not mind me sending this email but I thought it was a good time to remind you that together with my colleagues, we are here to help.
For many the end of January is a visceral peak consisting of tax demands, unsecured credit and other bills and which can adversely affect individuals and their businesses.
This time of year is a stress point for many with some being pushed over the edge due to a lack of resources to meet business or personal liabilities.  There exist a number of non-insolvency solutions but their success depends on seeking advice from reputable skilled professionals able to negotiate with key stakeholders.
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of obtaining proper considered, impartial advice leading to a roadmap to recovery.
The elements involved in a recovery involve:
Stage 1: Diagnosis – recognising a problem exists
Stage 2: Remedy – provision of a workable plan
Stage 3: Consensual Agreement – with those owed monies.
If you are aware of individuals or business owners who would benefit from a free and confidential meeting to discuss available options please contact me either by email or telephone.
It is important that advice is sought from reputable and experienced advisors expert in this field and who are regulated by a professional body.
FRP Advisory LLP
Kings Orchard
1 Queen Street
DDI: +44 (0) 117 203 3673
Mobile: +44 (0) 7812 583612
Fax: +44 (0) 117 203 3701
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