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Should shoes make a big impression at Exeter Business Network? A top tip and poll!

February 6, 2014
As someone who reads and collects and researches and gathers and comments on and shares numerous articles on networking – from the top 3 tips for networking, to the best 57 ways to benefit from networking, to the 4 ways to enjoy on networking as well as top tips for those who hate networking I must add my own one – maybe it can be categorised under being memorable – that is to wear a distinctive pair of shoes!  I guess that it could be a distinctive piece of clothing or out fit as well!
At the Exeter Business Network event at Exeter Racecourse yesterday I wore the following
Sean's super Herrings Shoes as worn at Exeter Business Network event

Sean’s super Herrings Shoes as worn at Exeter Business Network event

With over 60 people coming to the lunch I would say that over 80% of those commented on my shoes – what a great conversation starter, a way to break the ice (I know it was raining, no pouring even deluging – a number of people could not make it as they were “flooded in”).  The shoes had people smiling, some even perplexed as to why you’d wear them with a suit, some suggested dancing – both tap and salsa, others mentioned Boardwalk Empire and other films/TV shows – I could go on but I will finish with the shoes by adding a poll
Should the shoes (pictured above) be worn with suit at an event
My answer is yes as it was great cause such conversation and bring smiles to people on a dismal day!
Anyway back to the event that began with a quote  – networking is about strategy and tactics…..
“Strategy is buying a bottle of fine wine when you take a lady out for dinner.  Tactics is getting her to drink it” – Frank Muir b 5/2/1920
The event had a tremendous start  with Alison Jobson’s “kick a**” seminar on developing your marketing plan –
With numerous examples of the good, the bad and the ugly – from the not so successful Gap brand/logo change, to Hoovers infamous free flights offer to the super successful “Best job in the world” ad for  to a local Exmouth dentist who increased their customer base by over 40 in one week with a simple ad, offer and carnival costume.
Alison took us through the 7 steps that make up a successful marketing campaign.   for more super information then follow Alison’s Blog and to contact Alison click here and here to download a completed marketing plan
What followed was the Networking lunch – numerous conversations, connections and collaborations being made as well as welcoming new members – Mark Dowse of MD Business Interiors and Robert Shaw from Cartridges Solicitors along with
A big thank you to Charlie Martin’s 10 minutes – Mobile Web Development -full of great insight, data, quotes and a clear reason for looking at our web presence and how it adapts (or not ) to the ever increasing audience use of mobile technology.
Charlie from Optix Solutions shared some startling statistics about the way in which people use their mobile device and how we need as business to be responsive to it – if we don’t then we could be missing out – clearly demonstrated by the quote from Optix Solutions customer Shearings Holidays who have seen a double digit percentage rise in their business since they had worked with Optix in developing their mobile solution.

Other Announcements

World Record Attempt Skydive 21st June 2014 to support Exeter Business Network Charities
Skydive best pic crop
Or visit Skydive UK Website and click charity’s logo for full details and their minimum sponsorship amount (if you want to use the jump for free scheme)

 Next event 5/3/14 – a super seminar stating successfully selling online can be part of your business  

More on the Exeter Business Network Charities 2014 – Your chance to support them – if you are not skydiving!
The Devon Air Ambulance Trust is the charity which raises the funds to keep 2 emergency Air Ambulances flying. This is no small feat as each and every year we have to raise in the region of £4.5 million to keep both of the helicopters airborne.  Click here to donate
Families for Children place children for adoption from throughout the UK, who have experienced loss and upheaval. We find for them stable, loving families in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
We are special because we have a ‘forever’ policy of support and this means that we offer support to the child and new family for as long as they need us. Click here to donate
WESC Foundation’s aim is the education and care of young people with visual impairment and/or complex needs and their transition into school, college and beyond.  By providing a specialist centre for education, training and expertise, WESC Foundation create a better life for people with visual impairment. Click here to donate
The vision of St Loye’s Foundation is that each individual should have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential, irrespective of natural abilities or setbacks experienced in life.
Mission – St Loye’s mission is to be the preferred choice of people with physical, mental health, sensory and other disabilities, or with long-term health conditions, to improve their quality of life and degree of independence.  Click here to donate
The final part of the networking lunch was new – introduced as people sat – everyone had the opportunity of  asking the room for support, help, products, services, in fact whatever, for their business or for their clients.  And guess what…
Someone was looking for a mobile hospitality unit (not an ambulance – what a bad joke!) – this was asked to the room and someone else in the room knew the person to speak to!
And then someone wanted a piano tuner – then someone else wanted a piano tuner and lo and behold someone knew a piano tuner – that’s 2 pieces of business for the piano tuner as a result of people connecting – music to everyone’s ears!!!
As befitting a super event full of enthusiasm, energy and conversation a couple of quotes from others born on 5th February!!
“It took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits in baseball.  I did it one afternoon on a golf course” Hank Aaron b 5/2/1934
“After one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say “I want to see the manager” William Burroughs b 5/2/1914
Thank you for reading and feel free to comment!
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Director and Host for Business Network SW events.
If you would like to be part of a Business Network SW event

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More photo’s from the event IMG_20140205_134040




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