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No dampeners just torrents of conversation

February 13, 2014
“In the history of human kind (and animal kind) those who have learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed” – Charles Darwin b 12/2/1809
A room full of conversations – not dampened by the weather – and it began for the event started! Sean Humby’s report from the event on 12th February at The Bristol Hotel

BristolDoyleBristolDoyle: @seanhumby Do hope so – they’d introduce a little bit of zing! 🙂

Thank you for all the comments – from Bugsy Malone, to Duisbergs, to dapper, to swaggering – much appreciated

The exercise that was pioneered at Exeter’s event last week again demonstrated that networking is all about giving first – sharing your contacts and expertise covering everything from corporate gifts, social media partners, re-branding experts and the Dursley Male Voice Choir (see if you can spot Peter Prater!) and their performance at The Victoria Rooms on 5/4/14
Before THE networking lunch  Sam Finlay of Airhead Animation delivered an informative, entertaining and animated seminar  – covering everything from content and it’s value to entice, enrich, engage,inform, educate, entertain and reward to the way in which animation can help you achieve this.  Covering sites such a Wideo, Videoscribe, Goanimate, Powtunes, Animoto, Mybrainshark, Stuperflix Sam demonstrated the good and the not so good.  For expert advice on how animation can help your business contact Sam call 0117 322 6011
And another thank you to Inge Dowden of Polyglot Coaching for the super 10 minutes – does what you do make your boat go faster?  Have you a clear goal, an activity plan that covers holidays, networking events, training?
IMG_20140212_134023 IMG_20140212_134027 IMG_20140212_135156
Great insight from Ben Hunt-Davis, Stephen Covey et al delivered brilliantly!  Inge’s seminar on Time Management is on 12/3/14
Did I mention the The Jessie May Trust Firewalk on 16th March 2014?
Also the details for the Volunteer Co-ordinator
Any guest* that you invite who joins earns you a bottle of bubbly/fine port – unlimited.
+ someone called Joe Bloggs!**– to name a few!
Penultimately the quotes from The Week
“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get” Ingrid Bergmann
“Somebody complimented me on my driving recently.  They left a note on my windscreen. It said Parking Fine” Tommy Cooper
Have a great day and fabulous month and see you on 12/3/14
Best regards
Thank you for the Tweets – post event…
HudsonaccountanFeb 12, 7:32pmLovely to see @IngeDowden and to meet @bristoltailor at lunchtime today with the charming @seanhumby
worktreematt8:59am via WebGreat networking #BNSW. Thanks @seanhumbyfor table host responsibility. Hope I didn’t mess it up. Inspiring talk from @IngeDowden
IngeDowden12:14pm via HootSuiteRT @worktreematt: Great networking #BNSW. Thanks @seanhumby. Inspiring talk from @IngeDowden << Thanks Matt, glad you liked it!




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