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Look who’s coming – will Velcro get you hooked and networking?

March 6, 2014
 On 2nd April 1978, Velcro*, the hook-and-loop fastener, was released!
What has this got to do with networking?
Networking is about developing strong bonds (relationships) with other people through conversations that lead to connections (bonds) that lead to collaborations.
Velcro – when the 2 sides are apart is almost useless, has no strength yet when it comes together it becomes something very different – strong, versatile, adaptable………
Very much like the Exeter Business Network event on 2nd April…… come along meet others and the opportunities become endless……
The event in brief
  • Coffee and networking 10am – 10.30am
  • Seminar before lunch 10.30am – 11.45am- hosted by Amarisk
  • Networking over drinks 11.45am – 12.30pm
  • THE structured, hosted networking lunch – 12.30pm – 2pm
  • How you get the most from the event
  • 2nd April 2014 at Lord Haldon Country Hotel
  • Investment for seminar, coffee & networking, pre-lunch drinks and networking – including wine, 2 course served structured networking lunch with coffee, numerous decision makers, delegate list, follow up correspondence – £36.00 Inc VAT. Dietary requirements catered for. Free car parking.
  • YOUR ROI – because that’s important!

To book your place and join those above……see below…..

Feel free to contact me if you need any more details and have a look through this Blog and see what Business Network SW events have been doing for businesses and organisations since 1993
I look forward to seeing you at this event
Best regards
Sean Humby

Who am I?

Tel 01981 540708
Fax 0845 305 8155

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Wednesday 2nd April will give you a YES….

  • Do you want to generate opportunities that will enhance your business?
  • Do you want to build mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers?
  • Do you want your networking to relaxed and comfortable?
  • How about a business seminar that can positively impact your business?
  • Would a huge variety of contacts be useful to your business?
  • Do you want the opportunity to promote your business and expertise?
  • Do you want a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business?
  • What about generating an ROI on your networking?

 More event details

The seminar
The myths around employment. Getting it right at the start – essential information for all employers, those who are looking to employ people and those that work with employers
Based on Amarisk’s experience of supporting scores of organisations, we will be talking about the things they ring us up about!
  • Disciplinary
  • Capability
  • Sickness, maternity, paternity, holiday et al.
  • How HR sits with effective leadership.
  • Plus a walk through of what is coming up.
  • Please come armed with lots of questions!
  • Business owners, directors and partners as well as advisors, such as coaches, accountants or IT professionals who want to give clients informed advice would also benefit from this seminar.
Followed by THE Networking Lunch 
Pre lunch drinks and informal networking from 11.45am. Sit down for 2 course lunch with coffee at 12.30pm
You sit with other decision makers – none of whom do what you do. There is a table host at each table and you have a 3 minute presentation to do for the others around your table – enthuse and inspire and build relationships. PLUS you will have a copy of the seating plan which lists everyone attending , their name, business name and what their business does and importantly what table they are sat on enabling you to network the room – more business building opportunities!
Lunch speaker – Chris Elliott from Lloyds Bank- “Turning Dragons into Teddy Bears”
Lunch finishes at 2pm
“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”–  Robert Kiyosaki

To book your place


Call 01981 540708




with “book my place” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice




* It was developed by Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral, who noticed how thistle burrs clung to his clothing during a hike in the mountains. Using a microscope, he discovered their natural hook-like shape. From 1948, he worked with a local weaver from a textile plant to design a “locking tape”. The important discovery was accidental – that nylon, when sewn under ultraviolet light, formed industructable hooks. Velcro uses two tapes, one with stiff “hooks” like the burrs which clings to the second tape with soft “loops” like the fabric of his pants. The trademarked name Velcro comes from “vel” or velvet and “cro” from the French word crochet which means hook.






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