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“Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with or through people”

March 13, 2014
“Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with or through people” – Earl Nightingale b.12/3/1921 – this was so clearly demonstrated at the Bristol Business Network event yesterday at Mercure Holland House Hotel and Spa.
There was a roomful of decision makers from a plethora of businesses and organisations from Bristol’ business community actively participating and contributing to the event.  In essence a room full of conversations and connections being made!  The latest in 20 years of monthly, lunch time  networking events.
The event began with Inge Dowden delivering a fabulous seminar on getting more from your time – sharing the secret of  how to have a zero inbox, complete your social media in 2 minutes per day and how you could make your boat go faster  – a combination of tips, tools, techniques, video and discussion from luminaries such Stephen Covey, Ben Hunt Davis and Sir Richard Branson that every person in business needs to know.  The following quote sums it up very well….

Lori Greiner, inventor of more than 400 products, including jewelry and cosmetic organizers, kitchen gadgets and travel gear; prominent QVC personality

If you want more time for you, your family, holidays, exercise, relaxation then feel free to contact Inge
Inge starting her seminar

Inge starting her seminar

Inge’s details – 0117 370 4204 – Skype: CoachInge – Email:
A big thank you to Sam Finlay of Airhead Animation for his informative, entertaining and animated 10 minutes – the first time I have seen a whole seminar condensed into 3.5 mins! 

Sam also shared the latest from the US – guess what this is for?

For expert advice on how video and animation can help your business contact Sam call 0117 322 6011
Among those at the event
Did I mention the The Jessie May Trust Firewalk on 16th March 2014? Feel free to contact Chris Roys to book your place -I know that I didn’t!
Preview for the next event 9/4/14 is here – with a not to be missed seminar before THE networking lunch
Missing a Trick: Is software really helping your business.  Hosted by Ken Abbott from Redwing Excel
 “In the 12 years that I have been running Redwing Excel I have learned two truths about business.
1.      A vast amount of money is spent every year on software which either fails to meet the business need or is in fact no use at all.
2.      An incalculable number of hours are wasted every year on manual processes that could be automated and made infinitely more efficient if only the business had the right software.
Some businesses fall into one of the categories whilst many fall into both.  But surprisingly few fall into neither.
This seminar explores how a business can avoid these traps my defining its own processes and understanding how some simple software development, often using the tools that they already have, can make a very significant and cost effective difference.  You may be very surprised at what you discover.”

Businesses that could and would benefit from networking

Twitter on the event

seanhumbyMar 12, 6:54pm via Twitter for BlackBerry“@BizVidz4U: @seanhumby #video – Thanks for the opportunity. Here’s a link to seminar summary.” #BNSW – BIG Thank you

BizVidz4UMar 12, 3:36pm via Tweet Button@seanhumby #video – Thanks for the opportunity. Here’s a link to seminar Conversation

thebestofExeterMar 12, 1:15pm via HootSuiteRT @seanhumby: All set & ready for #BNSWBristol – 40+ booked for THE networking lunch – event starting
seanhumbyMar 12, 9:33am via Twitter for BlackBerry“@markjstonham: Business Network SW meeting today in #Bristol run by @seanhumby. @IngeDowden sharing Time Management tips.#BNSW
markjstonhamMar 12, 8:11am via HootSuiteBusiness Network SW meeting today in #Bristolrun by @seanhumby. @IngeDowden sharing Time Management tips. #BNSWSome other photo’s from the event


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