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June’s Exeter Business Network Lunch report

June 5, 2014
“Small opportunities are often the start of great enterprise” Demosthenes
“It is the quality rather than the quantity that matters” Seneca
The June event (4/6/14) held at The Lord Haldon Country Hotel began with Chris Wood of Q Social Media and his fabulous seminar on “Increasing Website Traffic” –
Chris Wood presenting his seminar

Chris Wood presenting his seminar

full of great advice, information including Panda’s, Penguin’s and hummingbirds and much more!

Click Image to see what you missed!

THE networking lunch saw numerous conversations taking place over drinks and then at the hosted tables.  Conversations leading to connections and collaborations…….
A big thank you to Ian Smith of Winning Tenders for such an interesting insight into the world of tenders (and not those pulled behind trains!), his career and how the devil is in the detail – submit a proposal with a spelling mistake in and get no further – do a cut and paste job on a tender and get the clients name wrong…..
And it is this attention to detail that has given Ian such a fantastic success rate over the years!  More on Ian’s services here


Business Needs
Pilates studio or space – contact David Cotterill
Volunteers to test and give feedback for online coaching exercises – contact Christopher Catt – The Life Coach Station Phone:07774 574 202        Email:
Networking opportunity 1 – The Business Seminar before lunch
Why we will always need clouds even on a sunny day
Clouds can provide users with a number of different benefits.
Any businesses large or small can use cloud computing – indeed we all do either directly, think Google or Amazon or indirectly Twitter/LinkedIn. But why would you?
  • Reduction of costs
  • Universal access
  • Up to date software
  • Choice of applications
  • Greener
  • Greater flexibility

Ian Dunstan using the cloud to promote the July seminar!

Hosted by Ian Dunstan and Jim Taylor of Cobalt Communication Solutions Ltd.
“You can’t have a real country unless you have a beer and an airline.  A football team and nuclear weapons help’ but at the very least you need a beer” – Frank Zappa
Have a fantastic day and month!

See you on 2/7/14

Best regards
Sean Humby
Business Network (SW) LtdTel 01981 540708
Fax 0845 305 8155
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PS – World Record Attempt Skydive 21st June 2014 
to support Exeter Business Network Charities –
Or visit Skydive UK Website and click charity’s logo for full details and their minimum sponsorship amount (if you want to use the jump for free scheme)
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