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Poetic exchanges

June 10, 2014

A poem sent to invitees and posted on LinkedIn gets a poetic response!

The next event is just 48 hours away
So why book now I hear you say
The seminar will delight, amuse with a prize of a sort
It’s about perception and the last resort
The consequences of imperfect decision
Perhaps based on inaccurate or misleading information
Hosted by expert Sam Talby, you know
That your time spent will have benefits to show
Combined with the networking lunch conversations
You’re certain to develop and build your connections
So rather than delay
Why not book today
A message with “book me in” will do
Or I can email a link, it’s up to you
If you want more details
Feel free to look at what the event entails
If it’s not for you this time
Feel free to share, that’s the end of the rhyme

Had the following response!

Really, sorry know not what to say
I am having rather a busy day
I love my business network lunch
but dates in the diary are in a bunch.
On holiday I will be soon, in San Francisco
So no lunch from June to August can I go 

And a similar response to this poem sent by text!

Sean Humby’s text is here,

As your attendance I do hold dear,

the event is this week,

so a yes or no is all I seek

the event is the 11th June,

an opportunity for you to sing your tune,

so text me a yes,

and I’ll do the rest, if it’s a no,

the 9th July is the next event you know,

that’s the end of the rhyme,

as I’ve run out of line…….


and the super response was

Peter Prater’s text is here,

Your company his wife and he would love to savour,

But we are having meals of a Scottish flavour.

So this month is definitely a no

However next month things will be different as the working routine

Will be resumed and your company will no doubt require a yes!


All to do with this event!



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