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Rumsfeld and Wheeler quoted at July’s Bristol Business Network event

July 10, 2014

How would these two people come to be quoted at a networking event?  Well – not only were they born on the 9th July but when you look at the quotes you’ll see that they really do apply to networking We go networking to find out the unknowns – even those we do not know we don’t know (I’ll stop there!) and also to discover something strange and I shall refer to strange as something out of the ordinary, something new to us – and this is networking in a nutshell – by meeting people and asking questions, listening and being interested you will discover things that will positively impact your business or even better something that can help/benefit someone else.

There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know. – Donald Rumsfeld


“If you haven’t found something strange during the day, it hasn’t been much of a day”. – John Archibald Wheeler ( theoretical physicist  known for popularizing the term “black hole“, for coining the terms “quantum foam“, “wormhole“, and “it from bit“, and for hypothesizing the “one-electron universe“)


At the Bristol Business Network event on 9th July at Redwood Hotel and Country Club – our last event there – more on that later – those attending filled a room with their enthusiasm, conversations, knowledge and a huge amount of laughter, along with knowing some unknowns and discovering something new (strange)!


The event began with Ken Abbott – Redwing Excel who delivered a fabulous seminar Missing a Trick: Is software really helping your business? Ken covered the history and background to why we have software and hardware, talking about the Altair 8800, he showed some videos – Steve Ballmer’s 1986 one for Microsoft 1 and an troductory one for Excel – version one, there were even software developer jokes!  But what was apparent was that with some expert advice on what you would like to achieve then Ken and the Redwing Excel team can make it happen can and really help your business become more effective and efficient.  This was clearly demonstrated with the working examples that Ken showed – Excel as targeting tool for marketing purposes in a Optician supplier and then personalised quote system for a manufacturer of fans… In fact as Ken summed up – The Light bulb moment when you say or hear someone say “There must be an easier or quicker way of doing this” then there will be and Ken will know how! Among those at the event….. BristolJuly2014

BIG thank you to Della Hudson for the 10 minutes – a super insight into what you should expect from your accounts and accountant – not solely retrospective, not just the statutory, not just some totals but details to enable you to plan strategically, look at trends, get a valuation for your business and more.

Della Hudson – Hudson Accountants Our 10 minute speaker

Della runs a series of events that can significantly enhance your business – you can get more details here!
Finally with the closure of Redwood Hotel and Country Club in August this year, I am very sad to say that Business Network SW will no longer be holding events there.  After 20 years of being one of the key venues I have got to know many of the team there who have really looked after us.  Before that I was a regular at the hotel when I worked in Whitbread – Redwood was part of the Country Club Hotel brand – so it is sad to see the end of a relationship that has lasted many, many years.  I wish all the team there the very best for the future

Looking forward to the next event on 13th August – with a super seminar “Networking secrets revealed” before THE networking lunch 


What was said on Twitter

Hudsonaccountan7:42am via Twitter for iPhone

Lovely lunch with @seanhumby yesterday and not just because he gave me wine 🙂 #BNSW #businessandpleasure

worktreemattJul 09, 9:56am via Twitter Web Client

@seanhumby @Hudsonaccountan Looking forward to it

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seanhumby: RT What a star for #BNSW@Hudsonaccountan: Last minute phone call to speak at today’s Bristol event with @seanhumby. Who else is going?9:35am, Jul 09 from Hootsuite


worktreematt: @seanhumby @Hudsonaccountan Looking forward to it9:56am, Jul 09 from Twitter Web Client

worktreemattJul 09, 9:54am via Twitter Web Client

The last #BNSW at Redwood Lodge today. Think they’ll go out on a high with extra puddings for all? @Hudsonaccountan@brownintown @seanhumby

seanhumbyJul 09, 9:35am via Hootsuite

RT What a star for #BNSW @Hudsonaccountan: Last minute phone call to speak at today’s Bristol event with @seanhumby. Who else is going?

claireextrahelpJul 09, 9:22am via Twitter for iPhone

@seanhumby @louiseextrahelp @ExtraHelpLTD was trying to remember the #SWBC thank you Sean see you later

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seanhumbyJul 09, 9:20am via Hootsuite

RT @claireextrahelp: Networking in #Bristol @seanhumby@louiseextrahelp getting the word out there @ExtraHelpLTD#Franchise #BNSW

canvasideasJul 09, 7:54am via Twitter for Android

@Hudsonaccountan @seanhumby I am too busy making a bacon sandwich. Enjoy

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Hudsonaccountan: Last minute phone call to speak at today’s Business Network SouthWest with @seanhumby. Who else is going?7:53am, Jul 09 from Twitter for iPad


canvasideas: @Hudsonaccountan @seanhumby I am too busy making a bacon sandwich. Enjoy7:54am, Jul 09 from Twitter for Android

HudsonaccountanJul 09, 7:53am via Twitter for iPad

Last minute phone call to speak at today’s Business Network SouthWest with @seanhumby. Who else is going?

claireextrahelpJul 09, 7:11am via Twitter for iPhone

Networking in #Bristol @seanhumby @louiseextrahelp getting the word out there @ExtraHelpLTD #Franchise


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