It’s amazing (in my mind!) where you can find references to networking. This one was inspired after a read through the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles 1981 (3rd edition) and the 1998 (12th Edition).

What could be easier than using the alphabet as the structure and the references here could apply to any networking event.

If we are talking about an A-Z of networking we need to start with ABC (The Jacksons reached No.8 in 1970)

or even the ABC and D (Blue Bamboo reached No.24 in 1994)

or to use the whole alphabet as Prince did with Alphabet Street in 1988 (reached No.9)

So here it goes – the complete A-Z of networking and what you need to consider to enjoy the networking that you do and for it to be an effective part of your business strategy.


A – Arrival – Abba Album ( which had 3 hit singles – 2 of which can be related to networking! “Knowing me, knowing you” and “Money, Money, Money”) back to the ‘A’ – get to events on time – maximise your opportunities, allow time to get there, park and arrive ready and not rushed. How much easier is to be approached by someone than to walk into a busy event.

B – Be my guest (Fats Domino No. 11 in 1959) – what could be better that invite someone else along – a win for you as you are not alone, a win for your guest as they will have the opportunity to meet others and a win for the event organiser and a win for the others there.

C – Call me (Blondie No.1 in 1987) – that’s what we all want – the continued conversation, connection and eventual collaboration – how important the follow up is I cannot emphasise strongly enough – it’s not difficult to stay in touch, organise a one to one, send a postcard – and a thank you is even easier!

D – Delivering the Goods (Skid Row No.22 in 1992) – how you tell your story on the benefits you bring to others – your chance to let those you meet see “Brand You” in action. If you’re not enthusiastic and passionate about your business how can anyone else be?

E – Everybody needs Somebody (Birdland No. 44 in 1991) – maybe not instantly, maybe not necessarily you but with an abundance mentality you will rewarded. Your reward will be from what you give – could be some market intelligence, an idea, a contact, an article/blog of interest and this could be what you get in return.

F – Firm Buzz (Firm No. 18 in 1997) – what an event should have, enthusiastic people conversing and connecting. Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm – a quote from Coleridge – we want to be energised and networking with like minded people will generate the ideas, connections and conversations that make the difference. Or Food for Thought (UB40 No. 4 in 1980) getting and giving ideas, innovations, opportunities.

G – Give me your word (Tennessee Ernie Ford No.1 in 1955) – important that you follow up on what you’ve said/promised – the call, email, the one to one. A great tip is to make a note on the persons business card on what you are going to do – an aide memoire! – I have mentioned this before!

H – Help (The Beatles No.1 in 1965) – a networking event will have a roomful of expertise that can help you (and those that you know) overcome challenges, fulfill future goals and develop a network that will only enhance your business

I – I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2 No.6 in 1987) – you may not have but there will be someone who can help – it’s all in the conversation and questions that engage in with others – the how, who, what, where, when and why questions.

J – Just a Little Bit Better (Herman’s Hermits No.15 in 1965) – it is better doing business with people you know, like and trust and it’s scientifically proven to talk to people face to face.

K – Keep in Touch (Freez No. 49 in 1980) – meeting someone at an event is the start of building the relationship, with Twitter, LinkedIn and Face Book there is no excuse not to stay in contact and share knowledge, ideas. If you have “met” online and the event was the first “face to face” the same goes!

L – Longview (Greenday No. 30 in 1995) – networking is about long term relationships, not quick wins, and as I’ve mentioned before – abundance.

M- Main Attraction (Pat Boone No. 12 in 1962) – some networking events have speaker slots, some have seminars – your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and if you don’t want to be the attraction go and listen to the experts – every seminar I have ever been to, every speaker I have ever listened to has taught me something and the big bonus they offer a great way to engage in conversation.

N- Nine to Five ( Dolly Parton No. 47 in 1981) – networking is a genuine work activity, part of your marketing, brand development and awareness, part of your strategic plan – not an add on, not something that is dropped, an appointment that will generate opportunities

O – Opportunities (Pet Shop Boys No. 12 in 1986) – a whole host will be generated by networking with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, a willingness to look to help – to coin a new word “optitude” – the ability to develop opportunities.

P – Problems (Everley Brothers No. 6 in 1959) – networking and the connections and relationships that forge will help you overcome them and also be useful to the other people you know or do business with or would like to do business with.

Q – Quando, Quando, Quando (Pat Booone No 41 in 1962) – the Italian word for when – networking is about the when but also the how, where, what, why and who. When the events are is a key point – put them in your diary and treat them as a fixed appointment – one as important as meeting your bank manager or a customer.

R – Remember Me ( Cliff Richard No.35 in 1987) – you didn’t expect there not to be a Cliff record did you?! – networking is about being memorable so that you will be the first person that someone thinks of when they require your services. Also you need to remember others and reciprocate.

S – Stop, Look, Listen (Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders No. 37 in 1964) – give people your undivided attention – listen to what they have to say, what questions could you ask to find out more – 2 ears and one mouth springs to mind!

T – Time (Culture Club No. 3 in 1982) – networking and the actions you need to take as a result of your networking need to be given time – to attend, to follow up (another mention!). A networking event will give you people face to face, food, drink, conversation, knowledge and opportunities – a super example of multi-tasking! In some cases a genuine “working lunch”.

U- Um, um, um, um, um (Major Lance No.64 in 1970) – come prepared – have questions ready to ask, have your story ready – an anecdote, an example of who you have worked with and how it benefited. A look through your diary/schedule always gives a great example of who you work with, who you are looking to work with and also why people want/need the benefits that your business/product/service provides.

V – Vacation – (Connie Francis No. 10 in 1962) – you need to look at networking as something that is enjoyable, envigorating and something to look forward to – you’ll come away feeling inspired, positive, with new ideas, with enthusiasm to take your business forward and help others do the same

W – Walker Brothers – No Regrets (No. 7 in 1976) – the feeling you have when you have invested your time and money in to networking. There are many positives that come from networking not solely orders – as I trust you have read previously!

XTC – Making Plans for Nigel (No.17 in 1979) – the result of your conversations and the connections you make will result in opportunities being realised not only now but for the future.

Y – You’re More Than a Number in my Little Red Book by The Drifters – (No.5 in 1976) – the people you meet are real! Treat them as you yourself would like to be treated continue to nurture and develop the relationship

Z – Zager and Evans – In the Year 2525 (No.1 in 1969) – networking has been a vital business activity for hundreds of years and will continue to be so beyond 2525 so embrace the opportunities that it gives you!


Thank you for your time!


Feel free to comment and add your thoughts – any tunes, groups from after 2000 would bring everything up to date!