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Going was great at Exeter Business Network at Exeter Racecourse

October 9, 2014

October’s Exeter Business Network event began with a business seminar hosted by Belinda Newton and Nicky Dunn.  Titled “Motivating Staff” Belinda and Nicky  referred to some startling statistics.  In the Watson- Wyatt World Human Capital Index®,

  • only 26% of  workers are fully engaged (motivated, exceeding expectations) in their work,
  • while 55% are disengaged, and 19% are actively disengaged (so unhappy they are spreading discontent in the workplace.)  
  • What that means is, if you are average, only 26% of your employees are motivated to give their best
With some theory (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – where are you on this – picture in the gallery below?) and then plenty of practical advice, techniques from job chats, supervisions, staff surveys, appraisals, works councils, training to name a few! on developing a team to be happier, more motivated, more productive with greater retention.  If you would like more information then you need to contact Belinda – The HR Dept – 0845 8630653 and Nicky Dunn – Mego Employment – 0843 178 1888
“We’re all in this together, that’s the secret” and “We let the folks know we’re interested in them” 2 quotes so relevant to networking (from Sam Walton (founder of Walmart) – father of John T Walton who was born 8/10/1950 – a link even if tenuous!) opened THE networking lunch, numerous tables, hosted with expertise, full of conversation and connections being made – a buzz created by the “Social energy” that is created when people get together.
A recent post (Inside the HBR Newsroom: How the World’s Must-Read Management Blog Actually Works by Lindsay Kolowich on Hubspot) that talked about the success of the Harvard Business Journal blog had direct correlations to networking.  The HBR gets “over four million unique visitors reading their content every month” – why? Because it helps people…. 

  1. Do their jobs better;
  2. Know and run their businesses better;
  3. Understand something new about the context in which they’re doing business;
  4. Understand the forces that are changing business right now;
  5. Be aware of the new ideas coming out of academia that are relevant to management; and
  6. Understand which management ideas are behind business stories in the news
When you look at this you can see that getting to networking events and meeting people face to face, taking time to listen, engage and build relationships can do the same for you, or you or…..exeteroct2014actual
Sam Talby – FRP Advisory  was the lunch speaker and he gave an insight into the expertise that he provides to businesses or individuals who are experiencing difficulties or need the expertise to prevent them getting into them – explained far better than I can here!…..
Contact Sam in confidence on 0117 203 3673 and
Everyone who attended entered the Business Card Draw to win an Exeter Racecourse Annual Membership – worth over £180 giving the lucky winner –

  • Premier Admission to all 15 Exeter Fixtures
  • Free, privileged parking
  • Concessionary package price to dine in the Desert Orchid Restaurant
  • Over 50 reciprocal days racing at many other racecourses in the UK & Ireland

And the winner was Claire Robinson – Extra Help – how serendipitous is that……………………..

The business needs and announcements from the event….
Claire Robinson – Charity event at Borringdon Hall
Contact Claire Robinson – Extra Help – 0845 6182904 –
Steve Gaskell – Action Coach – Buying Customers
Register NOW at using the FREE promo code: SWSGA30
  • Date: Thursday 23rd October
  • Location: Bristol at UWE Bristol Exhibition and Conference Centre
  • Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm (Registration from 6.00pm)

Western Morning News Business Awards – November 2014 at Sandy Park.  Sponsorship Opportunities – contact Rachel Cox 07775 540561 


Thank you also for the positive comments and conversations on Twitter (#BNSW @seanhumby)……..

AstraMHFA3:43pm via Twitter Web Client

@qChrisWood @Rundlewalker @MartinLuckGroup@exetergcc @seanhumby great to have met you all! the best table – no doubt!



Rundlewalker Gr8 #BNSW lunch with @AstraMHFA@MartinLuckGroup @qChrisWood @exetergcc@seanhumby @cobaltcomms @cobaltcomps@BelindaNewtonHR & lots more!2:55pm, Oct 08 from Twitter Web Client


qChrisWood @Rundlewalker @AstraMHFA@MartinLuckGroup @exetergcc @seanhumby – table hosting didn’t go too bad, considering!! #BNSW3:38pm, Oct 08 from Hootsuite


AstraMHFA @qChrisWood @Rundlewalker@MartinLuckGroup @exetergcc @seanhumby great to have met you all! the best table – no doubt!3:43pm, Oct 08 from Twitter Web Client

qChrisWood3:38pm via Hootsuite

@Rundlewalker @AstraMHFA @MartinLuckGroup @exetergcc@seanhumby – table hosting didn’t go too bad, considering!!#BNSW



Rundlewalker Gr8 #BNSW lunch with @AstraMHFA@MartinLuckGroup @qChrisWood @exetergcc@seanhumby @cobaltcomms @cobaltcomps@BelindaNewtonHR & lots more!2:55pm, Oct 08 from Twitter Web Client


qChrisWood @Rundlewalker @AstraMHFA@MartinLuckGroup @exetergcc @seanhumby – table hosting didn’t go too bad, considering!! #BNSW3:38pm, Oct 08 from Hootsuite

Rundlewalker2:55pm via Twitter Web Client

Gr8 #BNSW lunch with @AstraMHFA @MartinLuckGroup@qChrisWood @exetergcc @seanhumby @cobaltcomms@cobaltcomps @BelindaNewtonHR & lots more!


MegoEmployment11:45am via iOS

@seanhumby ready for the #BNSW seminar for #motivatingstaff @believe ndaNewtonHR


Rundlewalker10:30am via Twitter Web Client

Looking forward to the #BNSW lunch today hosted by @seanhumby at the great location that is @ExeterRaces#networking #business #legaladvice


MegoEmployment10:17am via iOS

@seanhumby ready for the #BNSW seminar for #motivatingstaff @belindaNewtonHR #exeter


BelindaNewtonHR9:40am via Hootsuite

#BNSW Lunch today with @seanhumby . Hosting the pre lunch seminar with @MegoEmployment


AstraMHFA8:43am via Twitter for iPhone

Getting ready to #BNSW with @seanhumby looking forward it’s my first time !


alex_wren8:02am via Twitter for Android

Looking forward to seeing @seanhumby today at #BNSWnetworking in #Exeter. A lunch out is always nice too!




Gallery from event


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