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Reporting from Bristol Business Network’s October event

October 16, 2014

Sean Humby reporting from Business Network SW’s Bristol event……

Conversation, energy, laughter and enthusiasm were brought in abundance to the Bristol Business Network event yesterday at Mercure Holland House Hotel.


The event began with a seminar hosted by Peter Emerson and Addy Bridger from Page Hargrave.  

Full of discussion, questions, case studies, examples and process associated with Trade Mark and Design.  The expertise and practical knowledge that was demonstrated by Peter and Addy was second to none and the investment in their expertise at the earliest possible stage can not only save you time and money now but also protect a valuable asset in your business.  The most recent IP Act came into law on 1st October 2014! The factsheets on patents, design, Trade Mark, domain names along with the invention/design record sheet and the brands checklist are a brilliant resource.  The seminar was packed full of real examples of what is allowed, what’s not, what can be protected and how and what cannot – covering colours (BP garages and the green pantone and it’s use they have protected), the McDonald’s whistle, can you use “Brewers Droop” or “Ratz Pizs” as Trade Marks, what about slogans, a roar of a lion……

Peter and Addy’s contact details and Tel 0117 927 6634

To THE networking lunch – opened with “One of the greatest pieces of economic wisdom is to know what you don’t know ” – J.K Galbraith b15/10/1908 – yet another very relevant quote from someone born on the same day as a Business Network SW event!

And followed by crusted sea bream with creamed spinach, ratte potatoes (other dietary requirements catered for!) – conversations and connections being made at each of the hosted tables.

Reference was made to Julia Hobsbawn and the series of “Networking Nation” programmes that are running on BBC Radio 4 details of which can be found here.  Networking should be preceded by the words “knowledge” and “support”, seen as a “worthwhile investment as it with people”, a chance to build a “lateral swathe of connections”, to “collide with the unexpected” and where people are “open to serendipitous encounters”

Delighted to have shared a table with Inge Dowden of Inge Dowden Coaching (who spoke about her new “Happy Workforce programme”), Peter Prater from QTAC Payroll Software & Outsourcing (payroll processed properly for 20 years and 9,000 people), Karen Jonas from Dartington Hall (Taste of the West award winners, travel there with a GWR Discount), David Graves of GWS Media (working on websites for Cattle Vets, Composite UK), Nigel Peeck of N3 Display Graphics (in new premises and able to print in large format with eco friendly inks, recently producing a wrap 160m long and 2m wide), Sam Finlay from Airhead Animation (working with software, utility and retail businesses to enhance their customer experience) and Damon Fox of LP Wealth Management (protecting and securing the key people in the business)


The guest speaker Fiona Hallworth delivered a very thought provoking 10 minutes.  Some great information, tips to follow and some warnings to what is out there in terms of people applying for positions and the “ghost” companies that are used to beef up applications and CV’s.  I will certainly be looking at my LinkedIn profile and my CV!  Fiona has already been asked to deliver this to a business and it’s team!

Announcements from the members

Old Down Manor – complimentary business lunch 21st October 2014 – to reserve your place contact Olivia Mills – Direct Line 01454 424951 Main Line 01454 414081


The Jessie May Trust Ball – 24th October at Hilton Hotel Bristol City Centre – only 4 tables left to fill!

Business Needs – Names are linked to the person’s public LinkedIn profile – simple to connect!

Olivia Mills – Old Down Manor – looking for waste management/hygeine company

Matt Goulette – Work Tree Consulting – is looking for an office in BS7 or close to BS7 for the best possible price

Thank you to Fiona for hopefully sorting out the gavel for the Jessie May Trust ball – details above!

David Minns – Brown in Town Bristol’s local tailor – if you know anyone who is or knows others that are going to brides and grooms then David can ensure that they look be sartorially splendid on their big day

The Jessie May Trust – Caring at Work.  Could your business raise £1,000 to help sponsor a Jessie May Nurse? Jessie May Nurses use their incredible skills to enrich children’s short lives and provide high quality care for the whole family. It’s vitally important that, when a child does eventually die, their family has lots of positive memories to look back on. Caring at Work is a new initiative enabling local business to support local families. In return for your commitment to raise £1,000 to help sponsor a Jessie May Nurse we’ll support your business every step of the way and promote your involvement with us through the local press, radio and TV…

Quick reminders

Look for Joe Bloggs – If you introduce someone called Joe Bloggs who is a decision maker in a business – they come to an event and join then I will give you 12 months membership free!


Preview for the next event at Old Down Manor on 12/11/14 is here – super seminar “Colouring your business” – hosted by Sam Finlay; THE networking lunch and a chance to bring guests! The members invitation will be sent out by the end of the week!

2015 Dates here – seminar and speaker opportunities!

Any guest* that you invite who joins earns you a bottle of bubbly/fine port – unlimited.

Businesses that could and would benefit from networking

+ someone called Joe Bloggs!**– to name a few!

Business Network SW Blog – Members feel free to send me details of events, good news, offers etc and this will be added and distributed using social media.

Business Network SW is on LinkedIn – could you follow?

Even try BNSW Face Book page and post a “like”!

Business Network SW – discussion group on LinkedIn – 1295 members!  Feel free to get involved and participate in discussions, comment and post!

“We are continually faced by great opportunities disguised as insoluble problems” Lee Iacocca – CEO Chrysler Motor Co. b 15/10/1924

“The fascination with shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun” PG Wodehouse b 15/10/1881



Gallery from the event – taken with Blackberry phone

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