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Training Sessions that are free and priceless……

October 16, 2014

Delighted to be able to share this….from Exeter Business Network members

Free and priceless – how can that be?

Free in that there is no charge to you and PRICELESS because of the value that you will get

8 Entirely Free 2 hour Training Seminars In November courtesy of
Sale through Service are running 8 entirely free 2 hour genuine training seminars in November 2014 for our customers and friends, so we can film them and offer the film as a product to buy on our website.

Max of 3 places per organisation
Attendance,refreshments and handouts are free
By booking and attending, you give us permission to use the film to sell on our website
All companies attending will get a free copy of the DVD with our compliments
Attendance strictly by booking only
Anyone booked on who does not attend will be invoiced a £25 fee which will be donated to the Devon Air Ambulance Charity


The events

  • The Effective Use of Time :   Fri  07/11/14     9.30am  for 10am – 12pm
  • Effective Communication :   Fri  07/11/14     1.30pm  for  2pm –  4pm
  • Win/Win negotiation:            Thu 13/11/14    9.30am  for 10am – 12pm
  • Great or Poor:                       Thu 13/11/14    1.30 pm for   2pm – 4pm
  • Sales Through Service:       Tue 25/11/14    9.30am  for 10am – 12pm
  • Go the Extra Inch:                Tue 25/11/14    1.30pm for   2pm – 4pm
  • We Boobed:                          Fri  28/11/14    9.30am for 10am – 12pm
  • How To Get Referrals:         Fri  28/11/14    1.30pm for   2pm – 4pm
Too book your place/s please Email Heidi at

Information on Sessions

Effective Use of Time: Fri 7/11/14  9.30am

Time is life.
We have a certain amount each day (and we have a limited number of days).
We cannot:
  • Save it
  • Make it
  • Buy it
  • Sell it
  • Find it or
  • Manage it
We can only use it …effectively
In this fun, high impact, 2 hour training seminar , you’ll learn how to use time effectively, and the key skills of getting seriously better results for less effort… all day …every day!

Effective Communication:Fri 7/11/14  1.30pm 

Effective Communication Training: Communication is the key skill to motivation, delegation, problem solving, service, development and of course sales. Yet it is a skill that most people seriously struggle with. Why?
Because at school we were only told to ‘sit down, shut up and listen’.
Communication is so much more than that: it is:

  • Setting the picture
  • Agreeing clear outcomes
  • Thinking win/win
  • Listening and ‘peeling the onion’
  • Being understood
  • Using ‘you’ messages and ‘I’ messages
  • Understanding body language
  • Getting win/win outcomes
  • Using the power of ‘No deal’
  • Agreeing consequences
  • Holding people accountable

In this engaging 2 hour seminar, you will learn all about all these.

Win / Win negotiation: Thu 13/11/14   9.30am 
Win win is the key to effective:

  • Problem solving
  • Vital communication
  • Dispute resolution
  • Important decision making
  • Team focusing
  • Appraisals
  • Delegation
  • and so much more

This win win training seminar from Sales Through Service and Communication (and problem resolution) expert Guy Arnold, will teach you all you need to know to be unstoppable in the future.

Great or Poor: Thu 13/11/14  1.30pm 


Great or Poor is a training and development system for ‘customer experience and reputation management’ through 4 very powerful, and simple, principles of common sense.
The system is ludicrously simple, but amazingly (genuinely!) powerful: it is easy to follow and will equip you with all you need to blow the socks off your customers consistently and systematically.
The 4 principles are:

  • Customer Focused Mission
  • Customers’ REAL Needs
  • Go the Extra Inch
  • Measure (using ‘lead’ measures to turbocharge results)

This is a 2 hour session with Author and Customer Experience & Loyalty guru Guy Arnold, to help you work through this with enjoyment and REAL learning and action.

Sales Through Service: Tue 25/11/14  9.3am 

Service Systems than Enhance Sales
Sales Systems that Enhance Service
Sales Through Service is a set of sales systems, beliefs and processes like no other: in this 2 hour seminar, we learn about:

  • The social revolution
  • Customer Focused Mission
  • Selling to the Customers’ REAL needs
  • How to get more leads … through service
  • How to get more and better appointments … through service
  • How to close the deal and get a decision: ‘yea’ or ‘no’
  • How to ensure every decision is a good decision
  • How to maintain the reputation and build referrals
  • How to measure the sales process effectively at every stage
  • How to continually improve and grow your sales

You’ll enjoy Guy’s high impact, engaging and fun style, and you’ll come away with tips and powerful rules and systems to ensure you continue to build sales through service at every stage of the sales process.

Go the Extra Inch: Tue 25/11/14   1.30pm

Go the Extra Inch is a fun, effective and VERY powerful set of ideas and systems that anyone can use to make real progress in solving issues and finding solutions in every area of their life: private and professional.
This is a 2 hour live seminar with Guy Arnold, Author of ‘Go the Extra Inch’ , ‘Great or Poor’ and ‘Sales Through Service’
In this session you’ll enjoy Guy’s high impact, engaging and fun style, and you’ll come away with tips and powerful rules and systems to ensure you continue to develop and grow strongly, consistently and sustainably in any area of life that matters to you, using the simple but powerful ‘Go the Extra Inch’ principles and processes.

We Boobed: Fri 28/11/14   9.30am

We all make mistakes … the real issue is how to handle them.

A mistake well handled can easily turn a problem into an opportunity and an unhappy customer into a raving fan.

A mistake badly handled can turn a problem into a disaster.

For a great example of mistakes poorly handled, please search youtube for ‘United breaks Guitars’.

For a great example of a problem fantastically handled, please search Google for ‘we boobed’

This short, high impact seminar will teach you:

  • The psychology behind customers issues
  • Why mistakes are such a great opportunity
  • How to spot these opportunities, even when they’re not apparent
  • How to keep control of your ‘fight or flight’ response so you can deal with mistakes in a world class way
  • What to do and how to do it
  • How to review and constantly improve

How to Get Referrals without all the BS: Fri 28/11/14  1.30pm

Everyone bangs on about ‘getting referrals’, but they conveniently forget the ONE crucial point:
No one wants to actually give you referrals … they’re too busy getting on with their job!
(Unless it’s a referral ‘ping-pong’ which is VERY dangerous …) 

But: referrals are BY FAR the most powerful way of building new business.
So, how do we get them, and what can we do to make it actually work? (And without any marketing BS ????)
The key is this: and the order of this is CRUCIAL: get it wrong, and in today’s market, you’ll really screw up!
  1. You have to be good enough to be ‘referable’ (use the ‘Great or Poor System’)
  2. You have to systematically gather and welcome open and honest feedback (Use ‘Investors in Feedback’)
  3. You have to systematically ask the right people in the right way for the right reasons

This powerful 2 hour seminar teaches you exactly what to do and how to do it, so you can start really making it happen as soon as you get back to work.

For Further information or to book your place/s contact Heidi

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