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Latest Business Network SW Members Survey said

December 2, 2014

The latest survey sent to Business Network SW members in Bristol and Exeter was based upon the Net Promoter System.  This system was created by Fred Reichheld, a partner at Bain & Company who (there is a whole host of fantastic tools available on the website ). Bain are the service mark owners and I gratefully acknowledge that I can use the emoticons here

From the Bain & Co NPS site a bit of background “Companies with the most efficient growth engines—companies such as Amazon, Rackspace, TD Bank, Harley-Davidson, Charles Schwab, Zappos, Costco, Vanguard, and Dell—operate at NPS efficiency ratings of 50 percent to 80 percent. So even they have room for improvement!

The response rate that I have had to date is 38% and the survey in it’s entirety is here – the questions are in bold and the responses are in italics

How likely is it that you would recommend Business Network SW to a friend or colleague?

Net Promoter Score 66%

Net Promoter Score 66%

 So where to from here…. to 2 more questions – the feedback was all helpful whether positive or not so positive!
Question 1 – “What changes would Business Network SW have to make for you to give it a higher rating?”
  • How can be better than a 10?
  • I gave a 10 -oops, now I can’t suggest changes for improvement!
  • None I can think of, sorry.
  • None
  • Make it a bit cheaper (although I’m OK with the price)
  • It would be great if more people attended the seminars
  • Nothing, I like it as it is.
  • None
  • People want to come and try more than once before having to commit to join and not being able to puts people off
  • More members with a higher profile (for us that mean marketing decision makers), less members that sell office supplies and are involved in pyramid type schemes…
  • Encourage more online connection between members.
  • I can’t give it a higher rating. Perhaps I can add a double star or something **
    More new members
  • !
  • All we need is more people who visit deciding to keep on returning. How this can be done,
  • I’m not at all sure, but see a few suggestions below.
  • Survey the members regarding the provision of alcohol at the events – possible cost savings for those not wishing to drink at lunchtime
  • more attendees is always good
  • Not a lot!
  • I cant think of anything at the moment.
  • Enough time to convert relationships into paying business

Question 2 “What changes would Business Network SW have to make for you to give it an even higher rating?”

  • Come to Plymouth
  • Very happy with it indeed
  • How can be better than a 10?
  • to get beyond 10/10 perhaps get some kind of badge for long-term members 🙂
  • It would be great to see some larger HNW corporations involved as members, to generate an even greater mix of minds, and shake up the SME’s a little!
  • Perhaps try to encourage more members from “retail” businesses rather than businesses serving other businesses.
  • Maybe hold some yearly event?
  • None
  • None
  • Perhaps monthly is too often to always attend – may be every other month?
  • A chance to change tables half way through and introduce yourself again to meet twice as many people (exeter chamber does this). Also not sure about giving out email addresses, it can lead to forced opt in to newsletters and other spammy updates.
  • membership to cover Bristol as well
  • Bigger business attending.
  • !
  • Do table hosts give a warm enough welcome to newcomers? Do other members spend enough time trying to help newcomers at the pre-lunch networking, rather than having fun with their existing contacts? How about those visiting a second time? Should they have a special colour on their badges? If they have returned, they are seriously thinking of joining but may need special encouragement.   Could we attract newcomers and lock-in seminar-givers by offering newcomers a special package – that if they join they become entitled to a specific set of benefits from any existing members who have given a seminar within the last three years? This would I think be more powerful than the present member offers. For example, one of the benefits could be that” our company” would undertake a free review of their existing marketing arrangements?
  • Sorry don’t understand the difference between this question and previous? We could always do better on follow ups etc.
  • can’t think of anything
  • Enough time to convert relationships into paying business

Question 3 – “What does Business Network SW do really well?”

  • Table hosting
  • warm and friendly
  • Makes the meeting process very enjoayble
  • connects me with lots of opportunities
  • Relaxed formality. Great hosting. Good locations. Reasonable prices.
  • Makes networking an easy enjoyable experience
  • Provides a warm social environment in which to relax and network
  • Creating a relaxed yet enthusiastic atmosphere for networking. Providing an opportunity to meet a wide range of other businesses.
  • Nurturing relationships
  • The meals and conversations at this meal works really well.
  • Gets the balance right in terms of providing a networking forum.
  • It is exceptionally well hosted. The idea of people being seated at tables for their pitch works well.
  • Gives me the opportunity to showcase my business
  • Ensuring you have the time to speak to all attendees on your table and get to know their business.
  • Great organisation, clear instructions, good food, good timekeeping
  • Stages great events.
  • Everything. **
  • The network lunch.
  • !
  • Creates a friendly environment for networking
  • Enthusiastic welcome by Sean Humby Overall format seems very sound to me.
  • Encourage members to attend the events and network effectively
  • Help new businesses develop contacts in the local network
  • Welcoming, supportive, relaxed, personal attention
  • great informal atmosphere, condusive to building relationships for both selling and buying.
  • Bringing business persons together
  • They really have the interest at heart of the local businesses.
  • builds relationship creates a great environment to discussion great networking format interesting seminars
  • Encourage new and existing relationships. Spotlight members with seminars and information slots.

 Respondents 38% ladies and 62% gentlemen

Well, that’s it!

Warts or should I say pimples and all.

What is great is that are plans afoot to improve the experience for all – visitors can experience 2 events (consecutively) before making the decision to join or not; the payment system is being improved with the added bonus of complimentary events – and that’s just for now!

I trust that this has given you an idea of what Business Network SW members feel and again I use the word, trust that this will give you the confidence to come and experience an event!

You can read more about what people are saying about Business Network SW – What others are saying or look on Twitter, look up @seanhumby or search #BNSW

2015 Dates are here

Invitations and more details here

One from the Archives!


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The NPS emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc.


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